No. 4 Trainer

Hey all! I posted today because I’m looking for help with something, for the encyclopedia of course (since I don’t entirely do much else, HAH!). I do believe it’s time–almost a year after it should have been, honestly–I force myself to write the bulbapedia article on the worlds promo, No. 4 Trainer. I was wondering if anyone here had an as-good-as-possible image of the No. 4 Trainer card that they’d be willing to share for the good of the community. As always, I’d give credit where credit is due for the image. It’s just, not entirely the easiest thing to for me to come across without coming here for assistance.

And, just so I have my facts straight, Worlds 2013 is the ONLY time this was ever released, yeah? And they were only to the TCG kids, yeah? making 3? Any expert details on this would be appreciated. My place in the community and on the encyclopedia pretty much dictates that I’m a jack of all trades, master of none, thus forcing me to know limited info on everything instead of everything on one, unfortunately.

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@djgigabyte is your man. He owns one. Haha.

I sent him a massage on Facebook real quick to see if he can help you out.
Bulbapedia is a great resource, so I want to make sure the best person for the job is able to help you out. :blush:

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Does that mean they modified the card text for the VG people? Because the one poor image I’ve seen of it seems to say “winner of the 2014 Pokémon Trading Card Game World Championships”.

Oh man, I really appreciate the scan. Even if it hasn’t happened yet! Simply considering it makes me hopeful and happy! =]

No they left the text the same iirc.

Anything logical you might assume about trophy cards for VGC is probably wrong.

It doesn’t make sense.

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