Nintenbox's Riolu and Lucario collection

This is my current Riolu/Lucario collection. I currently have every single distinct artwork that is available. I have already purchased the STex baby shinies, they are just sitting in my Blackship warehouse at the moment.

Everything after the most recently released blue dog is the “bonus section” of my collection. This consists of all variants, cameos, and alternate languages that I pick up.

I focus primarily on all the languages printed in the Japanese cardstock, so unless a specific card was English exclusive, the main copy shown will be Japanese/Chinese/Indonesian/Thai. My main wants for this collection are just cameo cards, and I’ll probably dedicate myself further to obtaining those once I am closer to completing my National Dex collection. I guess I could also go for some rainbows but I seriously do not care that much for the rainbow rares that do exist for Lucario.

I’ll update this thread whenever I make new additions to the collection!