Latios and Latias Collection

Hey everyone,

After seeing all of the amazing collections in the forum, I’ve decided to document/share my Latios and Latias collection. Sapphire was my first game growing up and I vividly remember stumbling upon Latias on Route 120 after defeating the Elite Four. I discovered Latios soon after researching Latias online and was instantly hooked (they were the coolest Pokemon I’d ever seen).

I lost interest in Pokemon around 2008 and rediscovered my passion for it in 2017 after I found my old Sapphire cartridge. After re-discovering Latias on my save file, I started looking up cards that featured Latios and Latias. My card collection began shortly thereafter!

My goal on and off since 2017 has simply been to collect any cards featuring Latios and Latias (in PSA 10 if possible) that I enjoy. I mostly prioritize collecting them in English unless the artwork is Japanese-exclusive or the Japanese version of the card looks better.

With that being said, I’ll start by posting the oldest TCG cards featuring Latios and Latias!

I bought these cards raw from a seller in Japan and graded them myself. When it comes to the artwork and holo pattern, this pairing has to be the best. For the record, the certification numbers will be backwards on any of the Latios and Latias pairings that I’ve personally graded. For whatever reason, it was always “Latios and Latias” in my head, so that was the order I submitted them in. I never realized they were backwards until someone brought it up to me. :rofl:


I look forward to seeing more!. I’ve been on a big nostalgia kick for the 5th movie the last couple of days. I haven’t had time to watch it yet, but the cards from the deck are all amazing.

The Alto Mare’s pair are such amazing cards. Looking forward to updates :blush:


The Alto Mares cards are just fire!

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I really enjoy the delta species cards. Fortunately, Latios and Latias got a lot of love during this era.

Starting off with some theme deck exclusive holos from Holon Phantoms! Latios from the FloodRush theme deck and Latias from the FireMist theme deck. These were part of my first ever PSA submission.

Some fantastic Fukuda and Arita artwork. These are the set holos from Holon Phantoms. I much prefer the standard holos over the reverse (stamped) holos. Sometimes the stamp impedes the artwork and takes away from the overall appeal of the card in general (in my opinion, of course).

Delta species Latios and Latias with some EX treatment! This time from Dragon Frontiers.

And finally, the only delta species cards where Latios and Latias are Lighting/Metal type. I love how much these cards stand out from the rest of my collection. Getting the light just right makes them turn a beautiful dark blue.


@eonticket, amazing collection!!! Never seen so many cards I need in one post lol. I’m also working on a gem mint Latias/Latios master set myself. Latias/Latios really got a lot of (well-deserved) love during EX Series. Not a single bad card of either throughout the entire era.

Thank you so much! I’d love to see what you’ve put together so far. From what I know, there are over 160 different English/Japanese cards for Latios and Latias combined. A master set would be absolutely incredible! The EX era is easily my all time favorite (probably because of the amount of love these two got during that time) :rofl:

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I have a link to my collection thread in my signature — I’m not nearly as far along as you though lol. And I’m only going for Latias/Latios cards released through 2007 — so not really a ‘true’ master set haha. Are you collecting modern Latias/Latios cards in addition to EX Series ones?

Brilliant. Ruby and Sapphire were big for me too and I’ll never forget encountering Latios for the first time. Absolutely love them.

Looking forward to seeing more!!

Brilliant. Ruby and Sapphire were big for me too and I’ll never forget encountering Latios for the first time. Absolutely love them.

Looking forward to seeing more!!

I love your gift box set. You’re definitely off to a great start! Early on I was focusing primarily on the early EX series Latios/Latias cards but I’ve grown to really enjoy some of the modern ones as well. The full art cards from the BW era as well as the Tag Team alternate art from SM were must haves for me. I also enjoy the more recent Black Star Promos (SM87,88,135, and 136) - I love the cosmo holo and the artwork on these.

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@eonticket, I recently discovered the PokePark Latias and Latios. I had never seen or heard of them, I was wondering if you know of a website that lists all of the Latias and Latios cards that exist? I myself am trying to collect all of their arts. I am prioritizing English ones, unless the art was only released in Japanes (example: Alto Mare’s).


These Pop Series 7 holos are some of the few PSA 9s in my collection; no PSA 10s exist for either card. I love the holo pattern from the DP era and wish Latios and Latias got featured more during it. Very happy to have these two and hopefully I’ll be able to upgrade someday!


Other than Bulbapedia, I’m not sure if there’s a website with a comprehensive list. I have been working on a spreadsheet of all Latios and Latias card variants in English and Japanese that I could share with you once I’m finished!

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yes I would really appreciate that!!! Lmk when ur done with it :blush: