Next closest thing to a PSA slab/case?

Just curious, what is the next closest thing to a PSA slab/case for those that want to put their cards in a fancy card case but don’t need it graded? The only closest thing I can see on the internet is Ultra Pro magnetic touch case. Anyone know where PSA gets their slabs from?

I know where PSA orders their cases from but they’re exclusive and not available to the public.
Plus, you can get them encased at PSA without being graded.

Do PSA buy their holders from an American source, or are they sourced overseas.

Not interested in the company that manufactures them, just if it’s US or elsewhere. =)

gotta be China or India :stuck_out_tongue:

South Korean owned plant in Vung Tau, Vietnam.
Interestingly, with the new tax benefit plan in the US, there could be a change to that;)


Ultra pro make a product that is similar in size to PSA cases. I’ve provided you with a link below. There are ones with a recessed area for the card and ones without.

*this link is just for reference to the product, I am no way soliciting for this seller*


Screw downs suck.

This is what you want:


Looks pretty good! Do the cards just rattle around in there?

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Never had a problem with the screwdown cases that were set up properly. Add to that a perfect fit (PSA case sized) sleeve and you’re good to go.

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They are bulky and unappealing, plus definitely not the closest thing to a PSA case.

I actually quite like them for how well they fit in with other PSA cases. They are close enough to PSA case size that storing them is a breeze :blush:

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I apologize for criticizing something you like @jkanly. I myself used them when I first began collecting. I soon disposed of them once finding out about one touch cases.

No need to apologize brother, it wasn’t taken the wrong way :wink:

For collectors the more options the better. I’ve used a lot of different types and still use several for different purposes.

Can you post some photos of your cards in the Touch cases? kinda how jkanly did with comparing size and thickness next to a psa case. :ninja:

Sure, I’ll be home in a bit.

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Snap cases, half the thickness of a PSA case:

Magnetic Case, a tad bid thicker:


Just the sort of thing I’ve been looking for. Thanks 'M! :blush:

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