Blank PSA slabs?

I would like to get the slabs (or an alternative) for my more expensive ungraded cards to go in. Is there anything out there that is like a PSA slab that protects like one etc?

I would just get them graded but cba with the possible customs problems. I mainly want it just for protection anyway.

Is this the kind of thing you meant? Sorry, this is the only place I could find a picture of what came to my head. I know Ultra Pro make something similar, but I don’t know who makes these.

I realise this isn’t as helpful as it could have been.

Ultra pro screw down cases?

They’re called snap-ons. Try searching Ultra Pro Mini snap-on on ebay. No room for a label though.

Ultra Pro does screw down cases yes, but I just ordered a 10 pack of these from here:

Hard to find Lucite card holders for this kind of price in bulk.

Think I’ll get these. Stackable too !

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That’s actually a really cool service! Just wish there wasn’t such a large minimum order :slightly_frowning_face:

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