Newest various english promo releases thread

I often come across news about new alternate promo’s (alternate holofoil patterns, league promo’s, non-holo versions…), that often goes under the radar.

In this thread we can keep each other up about upcoming or newly released promo’s.

I’ll start with these:

  • Someone found the Let’s Go Eevee & Pikachu themedecks.
    They’ll contain these new cards:
  • New card: Sun&Moon Promo SM186. Flareon
  • Cracked ice Shining Legends Raikou
  • Cracked ice Shining Legends Pikachu
  • Cracked ice Lost Thunder Eevee
  • Non-holo Dragon Majesty Charizard



Also, Build a Bear will be releasing 2 plushes for Detective Pikachu: Psyduck & Snubbull. As always, they’ll come with a promocard with a Build a Bear stamp. We don’t know which cards it’ll be.

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Great initiative! Nice idea.

They finally released them?! :sleeping: :face_with_spiral_eyes: These were originally planned to be released on November 28th, 2018; then postponed to February 1st, 2019; then postponed to February 15th; and then no one believed the pronounced release dates anymore. I currently don’t see any on eBay, but if I understand correctly I can expect the Cracked Ice Pikachus any day now? Where do you have this picture from?


Yes, you could find it from today on now.

I found this info in the virbank city facebook group:

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@poketrade Just came across a few of the decks on eBay after all by using a slightly different search term. But I think I’m gonna wait a bit to see if I can find the single Pikachu somewhere soon. Also curious in which other languages this will be released.

Anyway, thanks for the update. :blush:


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New stamped promo: Melmetal from Unbroken Bonds.

You get it at certain stores for free if you purchase a certain amount of Pokémon TCG products.

Remember the build a bear plushies I was talking about, they’re out now!

This are the new stamped cards:
Snubbull - Sun & Moon base

Psyduck - Sun & Moon base


May 10th at Gamestop

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As always, the pre-release kits introduced some new non-holo prints:

Unbroken Bonds

  • 126/214. Lucario (Non-holo instead of holo)
  • 184/214. Red’s Challenge (Non-holo instead of holo)

EDIT: First post of this topic, I forgot about:
Lost Thunder - 155/214. Eevee (Cracked Ice holo)


May 18th at Walmart.

Do you know what stores? i cant seem to find any other mentions of this

They’re easily available in Europe, mainly Belgium (GameMania), the Netherlands (Bart Smit? ToyChamp?) & the UK (Game stores?).
Not sure about the US

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Anyone of you people knows how much I have to spend at GameMania in Belgium to get the Melmetal Unbroken Bonds promo? Thanks

I believe it’s 25 euro. But I would just ask it, often friendly people over there.

EDIT: You can buy it on cardmarket for 1.90 euro excluding shipping

New detective Pikachu variants releasing in boxes and the dvd/blue-ray (uk at least).

They have a “Detective Pikachu stamp” compared to their previous releases.

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Do you know when it will be released? And does it include all four Detective Pikahus (or the three promo versions), or only those two?


Source: Detective Pikachu Digital & Blu Ray... - Pokémon Global News

Digital: September 2, 2019

Blu Ray: September 16, 2019

I believe only stamped prints of those 2 pika’s are announced, no news about the others yet.

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Been a while again!

The Blastoise GX Premium Collection has been released, contains these new variants:
33. Squirtle - Unbroken Bonds - COSMO HOLO
34. Wartortle - Unbroken Bonds - COSMO HOLO

And a new professor promo got announced too!

  1. Judge - Forbidden Light - Professor Program stamp



Stamped Garchomp from the new Unified Minds set. Apparently it’s a Dutch/Belgium store exclusive. Not sure if this applies to more than one store, but one way to get it is to spend ≥ 10 euros on Unified Minds products at Gamemania to receive a sealed copy of this card.