Why??? for me it makes no sense.

So it’s almost like the Arceus mini set

Though they all have the same number…

See @pokemoncenteritaly
The thing is with Vivillon there are a lot of different forms :blush:

yes ok… I know but:

They make 18 identical cards with different wings?

From the sounds of it, no.
From the sounds of it, each set released in various countries will get the corresponding patterns.

So Japan got High Plains and Elegant

ok I undestand, so it seems correct.
2-3 different pattern for each country it’s ok

It’s going to be hard to collect… I might need help from everyone on UPCCC

However prereleases are still going on so we will see!
Our’s is next weekend… I might go and check it out :slight_smile:

This is the map of sightings Vivillon in the XY game for Nintendo 3DS

Attachment Deleted

I would love this if all variations were available in all places.

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It took me weeks to find all the Vivillons on the game.

What is this? A poor man’s Butterfree? :tada:

How are people getting on trying to complete all the Vivillon forms? How many have been released as of now?

Elegant one still my fav

I have Elegant, Modern and High Plains. Continental and Marine can wait for now.

Lol… this is quite frustrating, but it is an interesting approach to chase cards.

I know other dealers like upper deck, Rittenhouse, Fleer, etc, and some of there productions are getting crazy also. With basketball cards, and with other non sport cards.

For instance, there are some sets being made, from Rittenhouse - marvel 2014 where… they have diamond parallel base set cards, which are like a reverse holo set. Trouble is, The spill rate is 1 per case.

A case costs close to $800 usd. Imagine trying to build a reverse holo set, at a rate of 1 per case… >.<

This is very true! Upper deck basically just releases memorabilia as “trading cards”. “Upper Deck Exquisite” and in hockey, “UD the cup” boxes contain 5-6 cards, and have a price tag of at $400-1,000 per.

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