New to collecting and the forum

Hi guys!

My names Josh and I’m from Australia, collecting English cards only. I’m trying to collect every card released, starting with unlimited set, then working through reverse holos and then 1st editions. Got all my folders set and am very keen to add to my collection :blush:

Recently completed my first set, jungle set from gen 1 :blush:

What sites does everyone use to purchase singles, cheap lots or booster boxes?

My favourite card is the new lysandre in XY flash fire, full art holo. Look forward to being part of the community :blush:


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Welcome buddy :blush:

Nice, the jungle set is a great place to start. Though I would suggest finding a set path you want to take, be it try and collect set by set or another way rather then just buying random cards. Otherwise your collection may become widespread and disorganized.

Thats what happened when I tried to collect a WOTC master set of 1st eds and unlimited so now it just sits there mostly complete :confused:

welcome to the forum, good luck with your collection goals

Thanks freemish :blush:
Yeah I am buying singles to finish off base set 1 next as I’m only missing 12. I don’t have a charizard though which get pricey :confused:

My collection started from having mates who are competitive players sell me there old out of rotation cards for very cheap. Only issue is I have little bits of every set now lol.

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Welcome to the forum Josh. I’m always glad to see new members from Australia joining the community. I hope you find this forum a great place to share your collection and your thoughts. Cheers from Melbourne!

Thanks vodka & Pokeoz :grin:

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You got a lofty goal and best of luck with it:)

This is a great way to work up to complete sets. I’d suggest buying bulk on forums for modern collection projects. For older sets, you usually do best price-wise to just buy the complete set.

TrollAndToad has fairly cheap random singles. If you’re a real stickler on condition, is a good place to get the jump in condition.