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hello all, I’ve just recently started collection cards within the last 4 or so months I’d say. I’m currently collecting: XY Base Set, Furious Fists, Phantom Forces, Flashfire, and Primal Clash. I have some cards from jungle, fossil and base set 2 from when I was a kid. Anyway, after I finish collecting these sets I’m working on what are some other ways that I can diversify my collection? do people separate reverse holos, single card type collections etc.

all in all, I’m just looking for collecting “techniques” other than purely putting together sets.
thank you in advance

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Hello! And welcome to the community!

In response to your question, there are many ways you can collect and, if you go through the collection threads people have made here, you’ll see all of these put into practice. Here are a few different things people like to do with collecting:

  1. Era Collecting - Some people really decide they like certain years, or a certain timeframe, from within the pokemon history of production. People will try to complete everything within this era or just pick out cards they think really embody the ideals of those sets/promos.

  2. Pokemon-focused Collecting - If you have a pokemon or two you really like more than the others, why not try to obtain all of the cards that have that pokemon on them? This can be a cheaper, quicker way to collect only the things that you like, assuming you don’t pick Pikachu or something like that.

  3. Sealed Item Collecting - I’ve chosen the sealed items because they are more common, but this type of collecting can really be done with any category of release. You could do sealed packs, booster boxes, memorabilia, etc. But the idea here is that you pick something related to TCG collecting, but not specifically plain cards themselves, and focus your resources on obtaining those things.

  4. Favorite Cards - Make your own set! Don’t like cards in a conventional set? Don’t invest in them. Just buy what looks good to you and jives well with your personality.

  5. Favorite Cards (PSA Edition) - Do the above, but pick a smaller base of cards and work on getting them in the absolute best condition possible. This is often done by seeking out a PSA 10 copy of certain cards. There are so many cards still ungraded at all that there is a certain chase in being the first to grade the 10 copy of each. Especially in the promo world where many of the promos that are even pricier and more sought after have yet to be graded.

I’m sure some others can chime in on different ways to collect beyond just typical sets or eras of promos, like so many of us do. But I hope that these different options at least give you a little something to think about. As long as you set out with a goal, make a list of what you actually want, and are careful not to get overwhelmed and nickel and dime yourself to death on cards you don’t really care as much for in the end, you are collecting “the right way.” There is no wrong way to collect unless it is unhealthy to do it that way. Find goals that work for you and let the rest flow from there!


Welcome to the forum!

As for collecting - I’m a strong advocate for making your collection personal. You might just gather from my username that I have done just that!

It’s simple really - collect what you are into, and focus on that. Give yourself reasonable targets accoring to your budget, and have fun. Make a wants list - post it, ask other users here for their advice on price before buying, and go for it.

Be sure to check out the ‘collection additions’. If you look at mine, for example - you’ll see I started just as you did - with mys ets from childhood…then I found what I was into, and collected solely that. As for when my goals are finished (now) I’ll be asking myself the same question!



You can also collect cards in other languages.

Welcome! I’m a pretty new member here myself and since joining my eyes have really been opened as far as collecting goes. I started off just by collecting WOTC sets and promos but after seeing what some people have done here i have also moved into a bit a Solo Collecting (collecting every variant of a certain Pokemon in every language) which is a fun new challenge and also the Japanese Promos which is pretty popular on here. So just have a look around, look at some older threads and I’m sure you’ll work out what you want out of your collection :blush:

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wanted to thank you guys for taking time to reply. I’m gunna finish working on my full sets and I think on the side start working on cubone / gengar collections. I’m real excited to have found a nice community, aside from my friends that have just started collecting as well. thanks all^^


Welcome Jheeze! bring your friends along :blush:

Make sure you post some photos of your cubones/gengars when you start making progress :blush: