Just starting collecting

I recently just started collecting I’m not sure what set I should work on for my first set and looking for binder and maybe a few you guys have duplicates to get a guy started and some advice granted it’s over the web but I do better in conversing then watching it reading my email is alexgrans@gmail.com

Welcome to the forum @kirito :blush:

What era/set of cards were you most familiar with when you were little? That’s usually a great place to start for a collection.

As for your binder question, a great binder to start out with that will definitely not ruin your cards is the “Ultra Pro Pro-Binder”. I use it lots and I know a number of other members like and use it too. It will definitely not ruin your cards since there’s no pesky binder ring which may dent and ruin beautiful Pokemon cards!

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Honestly, I had the most fun collecting the vending sets. Its a great set to start on too since its relatively cheap for individual cards and the artwork is awesome!

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Welcome kirito.

Sets have varied values so a lot depends on what your budgeting for your collection. Would you consider yourself low end or high end?
That binder shown above is great and the vending sets ARE a fun thing to collect.

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Collect information first on what sets and promo cards are in existance. Don’t be shy to take a look at other collections in order to do so ( upccc.proboards.com/board/1/collection-additions ) This will get you great inspiration for creating your own. Although you must be aware to collect certain cards for your own reasons and not because others decided to get them. So if possible set yourself a goal in collecting. Which cards do you want to obtain? Maybe create a list and work yourself through it. Feel free to share it with this forum if you want to. I know there are a lot of people who are always willing to help and work something out with you.

And of course most importantly have fun and enjoy yourself being part of this forum! :wink:

Here’s my best advice:

Like everyone else already said, set a reasonable but challenging goal. It can be fun to look around and snap up deals at every chance you get, but that can get very expensive and won’t necessarily bring you joy with your collection. I constantly remind myself: “I can’t buy this card right now, because I still haven’t finished X.” Once your collection is too spread out, it can be very discouraging and seem like a mess.

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I’m shocked to see many replies thanks for all the help guys to be honest with you guys I don’t know the name since it’s a mix of jungle fossil and I base set with some team rocket to be honest I been using my original binder so I have a mix collection off the bat due to the nature that I’m enlisting in the us and navy and I don’t know anyone into the card came I apericate all your advice my name is Andrew who knows maybe we can grow to be some friends

Well I thought about it and I decided radiant collection it’s a set about 25 cards so I don’t think it be too hard and plus it’s a subset of legendary treasure I guess by working with one it would help with another what are your thoughts guys

I just opened three packs today I’m using a cell phone so if anyone wants to see what I pulled just email me at alexgrans@gmail.com

As an update what I was able to radiant collection number 16 ursaring common number 15 teddiursa full art emolga and full art meloetta ex and survine

What I decided to do guys is complete radiant collection with legendary treasures and combine the two sets in one binder dose anyone have a donor binder if not I’ll just save up for the nice one you guys sent me to check out I was called in for work today and was fired well laid off due to cut backs I guess it’s for the best since I have 7 months till I leave for basic what’s your thoughts you guys I got a keldio ex and a terrakion holo and articuno holo from the three packs I pulled from legendary treasures I got 3 exes so far mega blastoise ex meloetta ex and keldio ex

Ok I love collecting pokemon but in your shoes you may want to ask yourself if collecting these right now is a good idea if finances are going to be tight. I started off by collecting the base set, fossil, and jungle from when I was a kid because those were most nostalgic for me and meant the most. Then I got this pokemon “sickness” haha and got way into all the various promos. I’ve collected a bunch of the japanese unnumbered promos which are way fun, and I have the full vending series minus all the Masaki. Fast forward 2 years from when I started collecting again since I was a kid and I’m $2000 into this hobby and I know many on here are way above that. I just want to forewarn you before you jump in too deep. You’ll need to budget yourself if you want to get into this hobby. And I really recommend doing an old set from your childhood first as nostalgia will take you far :blush:

I also give my support for the ultra pro binder. I have two and love them. They protect it well and present the cards well. I put my cards in colored sleeves and then into the binder. Looks super nice. But again all this costs $$$. You have to decide if you can jump in this much and then take it one step at a time.

And welcome to the forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well I took the economical route got a binder and some sleeves I’m working on two packs a week for x and y or watever my local stores have so far since I posted I been working on completing the x and y pack where would I find a list of exes full art holos and reverse in that pack line and for others

Woah, my name is Andrew too! that’s so random >.< Welcome btw, hope you enjoy the page, gl on your radiant sets, and well I would just say finish the sets you already have bits and pieces then go from there.

If you need any singles GEM MINT-MINT-NM from base set - ex power keepers, I have a lot of spares; and you can msg me, but there are also big demigod sellers on this website, with tons and tons more cards than me. So look out for them.

pokebeach, bulbapedia, pokegym…
All these sites usually list card sets.

The problem by me is what card packs they get I go to a ma and pa shop so I never know what they get any one want to donate some packs

Their back order for 7 mounths

You asked for a set list…

I think he was trying to say that he’s unsure of the source of the packs his local Ma and Pa shop sells. That’s what I got out of it.

Not that he’s looking for someone to donate packs to him…

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Hi kirito and welcome to the forum. Are you asking for some free singles and/packs?

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