New PSA Pricing..

Personally quite shocked that Regular and Express doubled in price!


This will be moved into the great grading thread in 3… 2…

Ouch. Could see this coming a mile away though.


Hopefully upcharges stay with the old prices for already received orders.

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love it

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I don’t know if this is new or something that has been up for a while

Complete Through Dates

by Service Level

A service level’s Complete Through Date is the day before the date of the oldest open order in the PSA system for that service level. The CTD is based on order entry date, which means the day the order was formally entered into the PSA system for authentication and grading.

Check the progress on your order by comparing the “Entered” date on your My Orders page to the service level’s Complete Through Date to get an idea as to the remaining time before your order will be completed.

Posted CTDs update daily and you can follow along as the CTD advances closer to your order’s Entered date. Learn more about PSA Complete Through Dates on our CTD FAQ.

Walk-Through 24 Feb 2021
Super Express 23 Feb 2021
Express 7 Jan 2021
Regular 1 Nov 2020
Economy 2 Aug 2020
Value - Ultra Modern 9 July 2020
Value - Modern 30 June 2020
Value - Vintage 10 July 2020
Value - TCG 8 July 2020
Quarterly Specials 30 June 2020


Just finished a 100 card submission earlier today, phew



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Well needed with the current boom. Wonder if they will lower the price if PSA card prices crash and grading returns to the way it typically is (only sending in rare/mint cards). Right now it seems like some people are just sending in anything and everything to grade.


Or they could have expanded and scaled up instead of doing the lazy doubling of price lol

Cards arent going to be graded any faster now, PSA just makes more money now


They are hiring more graders. Ad on their website has been up for a few weeks now. Still is.

If anyone here lives in Orange County, CA and needs some work. Put in an application.

As for the pricing. I think their logic is they up the price and if demand starts dropping they can always offer a $10 grading special to bring in more cards to grade.


A full on doubling across the board is tough. I think if anything this probably adds a premium to cards already graded, especially if bulk is now $20 a card. I also wonder how much this impacts the “grade everything” mentality moving forward.


Im assuming this takes effect straight away? And anything submitted prior is honoured at previous prices.

Won’t this also raise the value of all current PSA cards?

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In theory yes, but it probably more so impacts the sub $100 value cards where you work more on margins.


I read it on this forum sometime ago, but I dont know anymore who said it. But is stupid that they work out of one of the areas with the highest cost of living while paying their graders minimum wage. I suspect they are having a hard time hiring, hopefully they will pay their employees a bit more now with this price increase.


@thymeee I doubt it but they need to


I wonder what the cost will be for official dealers (Ludkins/Graded Gem). If their prices don’t change as much it could be that PSA is trying to encourage people to use dealers rather than send themselves. (Or they’ll be affected just as much).

There’s no way that dealers are going to get the same prices as they have.

That would just push the bottleneck to the dealers. Makes no sense.


Bulk/Economy service has current wait times of just under a year
Wait time expected to blow out to up to 18 months
Because of this people start pushing stuff through the higher tiered services
Slows the higher tier services down
Remedy for this is to double prices, rather than improve service


(‘Improving’ service by slowing down the amount of submissions so they can get through orders quicker is not improving your service)


I agree they’ll see an increase, but I wonder if it will be by the same amount.

According to Graded Gem UK, PSA have been trying to get people to use dealers so that everything is submitted correctly/can be processed in the most efficient manner. Whether there’s any merit to that argument in practice, I couldn’t say. But you have to imagine 100 packages of 500 cards is easier to manage than 1000 packages of 50 cards, for example. Plus the amount of first time submitters increase the chance of problems with the submission.