New Pikachu -Master Battle Set - Limited Print? Help


since it’s advertised as limited I was wondering how much limited it atually will be, what will be the estimated print run for this set/cards. Since there’s a new Pikachu card it will be quite popular.


The Alola friends card is awesome but where’s Kiawe and Sophocles?


It has a certain amount released which is not disclosed. If pre-orders hit that number, no product will be on shelves of Pokemon Centers in Japan.

The release method is like the Team Rocket Case.

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I like that they include a pen for a game without writing.


Some players jot down notes during a game. Like what cards are in the opponents discard pile and hand if they know.

Well then they thought if everything for this set. It looks nice. I want those dice.

THank you!

How many Team Rocket Cases were released?

It is definitely high quality. Even a playmat case for the playmat! Now that’s high class!

there isn’t a release number unfortunately.

Weren’t the Team Rocket Cases limited to two per person (ID/Address)?

where/ how can i buy this?

Some people taking pre orders @virbank City Pokemart

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thanks, ahh too bad we can’t pre order for ourselves

If im not wrong Pre-Ordering is 130U$S or around that value, they selling it for 170U$S shipped wich seems fair (but i think the post of the seller is now sold out)

Ah I see, and no one knows what the print run is like yet. That makes sense I guess, so who knows what they’ll be worth down the line- but it’s some pretty sick artwork regardless. I’ll ask around and see what I can get, thanks!

Managed to preorder one of these earlier today - that Alola Friends card looks amazing, and the whole thing seems high quality.


Where did you pre-order it? Would like to buy one of these boxes with both promos as well. Pikachu for my Pikachu collection, and the Alola Friends for my Full Art Supporters collection (which I will try to grade as PSA-10 if the quality is good enough).

The only ones I’ve been able to find were the loose singles as pre-order on eBay, but they are like 140 USD each… I prefer to pay that price for both combined (little higher is fine as well), since the product is around 130 USD retail in Japan.


@quuador, I preordered it on a site called Meccha-japan, I’ve gotten booster boxes and special collections from there before and they’ve been great so far. I think they’re sold out of this at the moment though, unless it’s just showing me “out of stock” because I already ordered one or something.

Yeah, I noticed the Alola Friends card was going for pretty much the price of the entire box on ebay, didn’t realize Pikachu was too. If these are still crazy expensive when the collection’s released and you’re still looking for the Pikachu, maybe we can work out something reasonable - the Alola Friends one was the main selling point for me, I could probably part with the other. But since it sounds like you’re looking for both, hopefully you’ll just be able to find the box somewhere - maybe they’ll add more preorder stock at some point. Good luck!


meccha-japan looks kinda expensive to me. Booster boxes for almost ¥2000 more than on other places :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I hope the Set will be available until next week. The genius I am, I requested some new limits and conditions for my business account ON A FRIDAY. I am essentially “locked out” until the bank is done :sob:

Found the preorder on meccha Japan, is 172$ with shipping