New Fall 2012 "Legendary EX Tins"

I just felt like these new tins would be something worth discussing :stuck_out_tongue:

Which tin are you gonna get (or are you gonna get all 3)?
Which card has the nicest art (from what you can see :laughing:)?

I hate tins! They devalue the rare cards in the set. But I do like the mewtwo :blush:

Kinda like English reprints of Japanese cards :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the Mewtwo as well, it seems the most original. The Darkrai doesn’t look different from other Darkrai cards, and the Rayquaza just looks weird (it’s eyes are too prominent) in my opinion.

I don’t like the illustrations. They’re to cartoony

I do prefer the more simplistic artwork of the old sets but those will never comeback imo.

I’ll get all three promos, but probably not the tins themselves.

Personally I’m glad that these tins are being released. Mewtwo-EX and Darkrai-EX don’t really have that much collector value right now - their prices are only so high because they’re popular competitive cards, and thus their value would have plummeted in a couple of years when they get rotated from the format anyway.

I totally agree. Someone offered me a Mewtwo EX and some other EX cards for my Umbreon * and I declined the offer for that reason. The new EX/FA cards don’t really have a collector’s value, and the prices they are at right now are only because players crave these cards, but after Worlds and such with the new sets and format, the values are going to drop significantly, whilst my Umbreon * will only go up in value.

The nice thing will be that the tin promos will knock down the value of the original cards, too, so I’ll probably end up buying them as well. I’ve had my Next Destinies set complete for some time now except for those two copies of Mewtwo-EX. :slightly_frowning_face: