Dragons Exalted~

I was just perusing pokebeach and saw Dragons Exalted scans there!

None are from Dragons Selection :open_mouth:

There is even the Shiny Rayquaza!

Lots of stuff to discuss here!~

I gotta say, bringing in Dragon types is great. Dragon type has been in my top 3 favorite types since it was created, and its about time it found its way into the TCG.

Although I am extremely excited about a new shiny Rayquaza, the pull rates are ridiculous so the price is going to equally as ridiculous. So pretty much I’ll just add it to the list of Rayquaza cards I’ll never be able to afford Mint (Rayquaza Gold Star >.>).
But seriously, why the heck did they make another shiny Rayquaza? There are over 500 other Pokemon they could have used - why one that I’m trying to complete a collection of D; They should have picked a Pokemon that turns Gold when shiny, like Lucario or Luxray, or they could have even got a purple Mudkip going. But nope, gotta throw in another expensive Rayquaza. Gah.

Regardless of all my complaining, this is the one B&W set that I’m actually excited for.

I want the shiny krookodile.
When Pokegym had a poll going on, I suggested it… No one listened but Pokemon themselves

Thenagain the set is out i two weeks ish so that price will drop… Re raikous for forty

I think the Dragon cards look kind of ugly to be totally honest. I kind of wish they had just gone with a more standard gold color rather than the brown/green/gold puke hybrid they decided to use.

I agree… Glad they didnt do DS in this set :slight_smile:

the american cards are just badly made now and they do look ugly.the sad part is the rayquaza ex is going to become a tin in the commin months also doesnt help with this set alot either.seeing the quaza shining going for that much is pretty stupid and I laugh at those who spend so much to get it

Unfortunately, the rayquaza is EXTREMELY playable, which is why it is currently so expensive, it should even out around $50 though when the set is actually released.

I don’t see it going down at all until a less ridiculously rare version of it is released.

I agree with Frost. This will be a one of staple in every single Eelektrik deck. Tons of them are around and will stick for a while. In my opinion, $70 is actually what it will remain at for a while.

I think it will see a small dip a month or two after the set is released, but nothing significant. I’m guessing it actually rises slightly initially by $5-10, then sees a dip down to $60-65 where it will level off for a while.

I have to say, though. The artwork for the FA’s in this set is disappointing for me. While I absolutely adores the Purple/Black/Blue swirl-esque pattern behind Mewtwo EX in the FA version of the card, I’m not a fan of the backgrounds in these FA’s. Some of them just look like someone ate sprinkles then vomited.

I’m looking forward to the two Mew cards. ATM their prices are too high however, so I shall lie in wait until they’re more affordable.

I wonder though, if it is anything like DEX, they will be released, some prices will initially go up… others with bomb then the high ones will come down too (Tornadus, Groudon, Shiny Catcher)

With Terrakion running around though, I have a feeling that Zekeels will not be used as much, and because of that will no require the Rayquaza, thus, making its price lower.

I feel like Zeels will lose only a little popularity, if any. The thing about Zeels is that it is cheap to start with. Building your Eel/Trainer base is incredibly cheap, save a catcher playset. And with cards like Raikou, Thundurus, and Zekrom EX being cheaper than ever, you can even pump the deck up fairly cheap. Enough people have played the deck and are comfortable with it that I expect the deck to maintain a fairly healthy standing.

Additionally, when I competed at US Nats, I saw Zeels decks teching Terrakions and Virizions with a lot of success. So the counters do exist.

That all being said, only time will tell. :blush:

rayquaza will be a tin yes but so will mewtwo and darkrai which thsoe 2 have seen many play with decks since their intro.that new black kyurem is broken but that item is allowed only 1 per deck.the ho-oh ablility is pretty good but i dont see it much play unless there will be a random deck that can support it.with the new set we have ninetails as luxray gl lv x lol.

Wait, are we talking about shiny Rayquaza or Rayquaza EX…? I thought we were talking about the shiny one…

I’ve been talking about Shiny Rayquaza

Yeah, where’d EX come from? xD

It might not be a tier one deck but it’s a very playable card; that’s the whole reason it blew up to $100 almost overnight. When a new card goes as high as the shiny Rayquaza – like Luxray GL X, Yanmega Prime, Magnezone Prime, Mewtwo-EX, Darkrai-EX, etc. – it’s always because of a huge player demand rather than collector demand. If it had no playable value (and if a regular version were printed in this set :slightly_smiling_face:) it’d be maybe a couple of dollars higher than the rest of the BW-era shinies rather than $75 more.