01/ 30 /2012 - Mewtwo EX FA

Mewtwo EX Full Art

Yes… I know…
Collectors? Should I try to get one?

I have a Japanese Mewtwo EX and Japanese Kyurem EX XD?

Not full art…

There are honestly better full arts to wait for. I myself prefer the Shaymin, Kyurem and Ho-Oh FA’s so far. Mewtwo’s just… stagnant.

Now with Mewtwo EX coming out in tins, hopefully the FA will fall in price as well as demand falls with the original. Few players seek to “deck” their decks out, getting full arts and shinies of the normal versions that do the exact same thing for cheaper. The price will come down, but it’s still not worth it. Just wait till it rotates out. :blush:

The price for the full art version will probably halve after the tins come out, with the regular EX version from Next Destinies probably around the cost of the tin itself, I’m guessing.

I disagree with your assessment of the cost of the normal one. I doubt anyone would buy a Non-FA Mewtwo when they could buy a tin and get an FA + several packs for the same price.

True but you never know.

I meant that when the tins first come out, regular Mewtwo will probably go for just under the price of the tin, because that’s still a pretty sizable price drop from what it is now and it’s still a highly playable card.

A couple of months after the tins, when the market is totally saturated with extra Mewtwo-EX cards, it’ll go down further to pitiful levels. It’s exactly what happened with Yanmega Prime and Zekrom-EX a few months ago. Yanmega went from $60 to $20 to $5 in a matter of months.

True. I got my Yanmega for $2.50 BIN about 2 weeks after they were mass released. The FA is still a secret rare and looks different, so it may still be in the $25-$35 range once the tins are out for a while. What’ll shoot its value is if a widely available counter (besides itself) is discovered and exploited.

Yeah, $25-30 sounds about right for the full art. It’s still going for $50-60 since the tins aren’t out now. The regular version will also probably stay a couple of dollars higher than the tin version since the art is different.

Mewtwo-EX does have a hard counter - the Sigilyph from the Dragon sets that will be in Dragons Exalted next month. It takes no damage from Pokemon-EX, hits Mewtwo for weakness and deals more damage if the opponent has more enemy attached. However, since the main metagame archetypes right now are things like Darkrai and Zekrom, I don’t know how much Sigilyph will stick.

Dang, I haven’t heard about the Sigilyph yet. But Darkrai’s already come down a little bit at least, and probably will more when its tin is out, and Zek’s rate plummetted already. The FA’s at about $15.

I like Mewtwo a lot… I remember the first movie… those were good times :blush: