RS Shaymin ex full art

This guy is worth $50.00 dollars right now.
I want one so bad I wish they had a box deal for it.

Welcome to the format. When you look at the cards available, Shaymin is near-essential for any top-tier deck. It stinks, but its becoming like NXD Mewtwo in the way that you basically have to play it, and if you don’t, you’ll lose to a deck that does. Definitely deserving of being reprinted in a tin IMO. I figure I should sell my FA Shaymin now lol…

Im glad I got a PSA 10 version of it early.

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Coool guy.

I saw a PSA 10 of it on Ebay but I wasn’t quick enough, it sold for $75.00.

The only FA english PSA was the Next Destinies one.


I’d say now would be a good time to unload some Shaymins. There’s too much potential money to be made for TPCI to not reprint it in a box or even a league promo to increase attendances.

I’ve got several Shaymins, including 1 full art. Got it from some packs my mum got for me though, so that’s a bit too sentimental to sell. If I’d obtained it via any other means I’d drop it like it’s hot.

Can you guys imagine if they never do reprint it though? Ohlordy…

I’m sorry I should have checked, it was only PSA 9 and it was the only one. And it didn’t sell for $75.00 they took a BO. Still, I wish I had the money at the time!

Shaymin PSA

You’re right about Next Destinies that’s all there is now and I’m getting one of those too. I like the art.