New Charizard VMax Hyper Rare. 600 Copies

The “Charizard HR Conflict” is a special card limited to 600 cards in the world, HR (Hyper Rare) of “Charizard VMAX”. Will be held at Pokemon Card Sims and Pokemon Centers throughout Japan.
This time, the Charizard HR competition will be a shield battle using 10 packs of the expansion pack “Legendary Heartbeat” released on July 10 (Friday) .

Shield battle is a game where you open a predetermined number of unopened expansion packs on the spot, form a deck with only the applied cards, and play against each other.

Players who do not have decks or cards can join immediately.

In addition, prior to the holding, the 1st battle of “Charizard HR Conflict Battle” will be held in which celebrities from various fields participate by spending the HR of the first “Charizard VMAX”. It will be distributed on Nico Nico Live Broadcasting on Friday, July 17th.

Also first look at Full Art Charizard V


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Oh no


“Oh no” as in you want the cards or “Oh no” as in “this is a terrible idea”?

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Oh no as in yet another very expensive Charizard card incoming


no hopefully they do more than one event and not limit it to only 500 copies. I would think a good amount of people in Japan wouldn’t even want to sell this card if only 500 exist and its earned in battle. I will just have to be happy with the english one, but man does it look beautiful in japanese.


Oh boy.

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600 tournaments only, Top 4 gets the Charizard V SR card.

Alot of charizard fans will get both excited and pissed.

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I have the most nostalgia for Black & White and was really looking forward to the set which would include a Zekrom rainbow rare - but then it had the first release of this kind as a prize card and was never released in English. FEEL MY PAIN
Also from what I could tell, the Mewtwos & Zekroms are in high demand already in Japan, while most of the world doesn’t really seem to care, so good luck getting one of these Zards :face_with_spiral_eyes: .

600 Tournaments, 600 Copies of Charizard VMAX HR to be given out for the winners. We can assume 2400 copies of Charizard V Full Art, since the Top 4 gets one.

Nothing more, nothing less. Don’t expect these to be printed in English, they haven’t before all these years with Masked Royal, Zekrom HR and Mewtwo HR.

I have been told: There are already people campaigning for the sealed tournaments to be postponed (I can see why, to be honest).

Frustration and excitement will come among (Charizard) collectors, that I can guarantee you. Alot of collectors were expecting this HR to come in English at some point (absolutely not in Darkness Ablaze).


It will be interesting to see how much these Zards sell for.

If darkness ablaze doesn’t have the vmax charizard in rainbow rare, I feel many people will be disappointed, me included. I think I won’t preorder any booster cases or boxes, I will just wait to see what comes out and buy a case if I really like the set and if not maybe just a booster box.

I also understand the desire to hold off on the events due to pandemic going on in the world, but idk we will see how things pan out.

2400 copies. If the event even happens, cause Covid-19.

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A copy of HR Zekrom seems to have sold for 3k on Mercari, other sales are definetely around 1-2k - card probably has fairly low overall interest, not a very popular Pokemon, Pop 3. HR Mewtwo is POP 17, which suggests larger international interest, lots of Mewtwo colelctors out there - sells above 2k all day when it does.

This is Charizard.

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I never expected it to be released in darkness Ablaze. I was asked this alot before this.

The cards are originally from the VMAX starter decks in regular art version.

They won’t release a HR version of that VMAX in our set, if Japan only got regular versions in their products.

All V cards from Starter decks released in Japan, have no full art version in our released past sets. So why would they do it now?

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I want this card!!

Oof, that rainbow zard hittin different


It’s great that TPC keep pushing out some more modern trophies. As a non Charizard collector, i’m sure glad to be able to watch this one play out from afar though.

Zekrom and Mewtwo have a distribution of only 100 each though, right? Considering the extra day battle Lillie, Acerola and Guzma cards were also limited to 100 but appeared en-masse on YJA I imagine these Charizard cards will be readily available for anyone who wants one for a few hundred dollars for the first couple of months.

Then again that doesn’t factor in the Charizard tax…

100 of Zekrom and 300 of Mewtwo according to Bulbapedia, thanks for the correction! Interesting then to see that Mewtwo earns (almost) as much as the rarer Zekrom. Charizard pop > Mewtwo pop, but Charizard tax > Mewtwo tax :grin: