Netflix TV Show: The Toys That Made Us

So I just stumbled across this show tonight and watched the first episode about Star Wars toys. I had a couple of the original kenner toys from when my parents were kids and it was pretty darn interesting. Really cool to look into the world of other types of collections, and I would really recommend it.

If you have seen it, or go and watch one let me know what you think !

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yeah i saw dis episow’d

I think they have like 40th anniversary or some crap reprintingtons of the original kennerb toys out atm.

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Used to love the Star Wars toys. Still have boxes full but only a few from the 70s. Most are red carded figures from '94. I remember some are pretty cool variants like long sabres et all. They don’t have much value but are fun to dig out every so often.
I do have most the large models from the early to mid 90s like the large Millennium Falcon which have some value.

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This was a great episode. It seemed really thorough and they added other layers by digging into the meaning of collecting in people’s lives/as a human experience.

Also, the Kenner lawyer was hilarious. :heartpulse: