Neo Intro Deck Acrylic Case

I was curious if anybody knows of a good acrylic case that fits the Neo Intro Deck? Finally acquired one and would love to keep it safe and display it in a nice case!


Since its very specific i dont know if he have it, but he helped me out and already have a great Inventory of different Protection Cases. Wouldnt suprise me if he had one even for this gem you have.
Ebayer is located in England


I believe these have unique dimensions compared to most Japanese theme decks, as I too have a few and was looking at acrylic cases. I found someone on etsy that could make custom dimension acrylic cases, but the cost was too high for what I valued them at. Curious to hear if you reach out to prdisplays on eBay what they say about them.

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Appreciate it! I messaged them and am waiting to hear back, I will keep you guys updated.

So I ended up ordering some cases and here is what I found:

Neo intro deck fits absolutely perfect in these cases

Other E Series decks aren’t as thick and have a little wiggle room

Here is the link if anybody is interested!


Those look great! And the prices are quite reasonable, too.

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