IMPOSSIBLE to find DP-era booster box acrylic cases

This is really starting to grind my gears and I need to bitch about it somewhere. I cannot seem to find form-fitting protective cases for my DP-era and HGSS-era (they’re the same size) booster boxes. I have asked for suggestions repeatedly in Virbank, on here, and in other collector communities, and have offered SUBSTANTIALLY more than I should need to, and I get nothing but crickets. The boxes are worth like $5k/ea. How is there seemingly no market/interest for suitable protective gear?! I cannot be the only one who is unsatisfied with having them slide around in WOTC-sized cases! For reference, the approximate box dimensions are 5.3in x 4.9in x 2.625in.

I’m out here desperately trying to pay like a hundred bucks for a fucking PLASTIC BOX! Does the technology not exist to make an acrylic box in that size?

I’m aware that I’m disproportionately annoyed about this, but I just don’t get it!


PandoraCases on intsagram based in EU will custom make anything for you.

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Although prdisplays1 is very backlogged and it might therefore take a while before you have your boxes, I can definitely recommend them from my experience with them a few years back.

When I bought my acrylic box for my Japanese Sky Legends booster box a few years ago, I could give him the depth, width, and height and he’d made the acrylic box that fits that size. I did include a few mm on each dimension personally just in case, but it fits very nicely imo and it’s of high quality. Also wasn’t too expensive. I’m not sure what his current prices are, but iirc I paid 15 GBP for the box and an additional 16 GBP for shipping from the UK to The Netherlands (this was before the Brexit where GBP was worth a bit more than now tbf).

Here is a picture of my box in its acrylic case:



Thanks for the suggestions, friends! One of my old HeyTrainer buddies gave me a good lead on Facebook and it seems like that might work out, but if it doesn’t I shall follow up with the above in the future. You guys are the best. :blush:

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