Neo Holo Bleeds

One of my favorite things to collect are holo bleed cards where the holo pattern extends beyond the borders of the artwork and runs over the rest of the card’s front. Here are some examples (I just got the Poliwrath in the mail today and I’m quite happy about it):

I’ve seen multiple instances of this type of bleed in Neo Genesis and Discovery, as well as other sets that feature the cosmos style holo pattern like Gym Heroes and Team Rocket (see this Dark Slowbro for example). However, I’ve yet to come across any cards in Neo Revelation or Neo Destiny that have it.

Has anyone seen examples of this type of holo bleed in Revelation or Destiny? Note that I’m not referring to the well-documented Neo Revelation holo bleed that looks double-layered over the artwork, prominent in cards like Houndoom or Ho-Oh.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks!


Great cards!

I have seen some Neo Destiny cards with bleeds on spots throughout the card (I have a Dark Feraligatr like that) or over the character art, but none as pronounced as your two!

I’ve also seen several in Japanese (such as Light Togetic from Destiny).


Yeah it seems a lot more common on Japanese cards than English ones. There’s definitely a spectrum where sometimes you can barely catch a bit of bleed under the right lighting, and other times it’s obvious like the two I posted. I’m also wondering whether it may be less common on certain types such as Dark or Steel because of the darker color of the card.


I’ve only ever seen a barely any holo bleeds and only this one here in person. Which doesn’t really count much does it? Pinsir’s horns are covered in the bleed which isn’t normal tho… it’s the only one I’ve ever seen like this in person for sure.


There’s this Neo Revelation Jumpluff on Ebay that has an ever-so-subtle holo bleed (not the “double holo”). Just thought to point this out since this thread was bumped from the grave!


That looks gorgeous!!! Yes I replied in hopes to find someone else looking for these as well. It’s extremely rare to find bleeds in the neo era imo and I’d love to continue to add more to my very own pc. Is there a link to that one?

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That seems like a fun collection goal! My post above should have the Ebay link if you’re interested. It was bit too expensive (and the holo bleed not strong enough) for my interests, but it’s not often you run into Neo holo bleeds, like you said.

Good luck finding more! (And welcome to the forum!)