Need Your Opinion On Acrylic Display Stands

Which of the two would you be more likely to use?

The Ultra Pro acrylic holder doesn’t accommodate the the new PSA slabs which the PSA stand does.
The UP is from 25-40% more expensive.
The UP is perfectly vertical while the PSA made stand is on a slight tilt.

Let me know what you think…

I don’t like the idea of the tilt… That’s my only problem with it.

Which would you prefer?

Economically - PSA

Aesthetically - Ultra Pro

Just because I prefer things to be straight on my shelves (books, files, what have you) so if I were to display cards I would rather them vertically.
As well, the tilt would become annoying imo with light shining on it… Since it covers more area…

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That’s a really hard question.

Which do I prefer?
Ultra Pro. I like the vertical stand more because I’m generally not setting my cards low enough that the tilt would be useful. I don’t want them being looked down at because that means they are low enough to be knocked over and stuff in most situations. Obviously display cases are a different story, but that’s probably an exception more than a rule. I like the color on the Ultra Pro one more and I feel like the longer arms would make me more confident in its stability, whether that is actually true or not.

Which would I buy?
I’d still buy the PSA ones because I don’t want to have to have separate stands for my new-slab cards. I don’t want to pay more for what already feels like an expensive piece of plastic.

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Great opinions guys.
Please keep them coming…it’s really helping me out;)

I think the tilt is good for an end table or something below your line of sight. The ultra pro would be nice on a shelf in your line of sight.

The PSA one would also be nice as both the card and stand are the same brand. I personally like the PSA/DNA ball holders for baseballs. It adds a bit of aesthetic comfort.


I’d go for the tilt. If I were displaying my PSA cards (which I doubt I ever would), I like the idea of having rows of tilted cards. It would give a better representation visually as the cards would be less occluded by their neighbours.

The tinted blue acrylic in the Ultrapro is nicer though.

It basically depends on where you’re planing to display them.

Scott is right, as the tilt is good for everything below your line of sight and the vertical stand for everything above. The PSA holders have an advantage in price and they are the same brand as the grading company.

I personally prefer the PSA holders because they simply showcase the card better, whereas the Ultra Pro holders look almost viselike to me.

All the options are really nice, and have there own pros and cons.

I personally am not ready to send my collection to psa yet. So until then, I frame cards as so;

In inch thick, heavy duty magnetic acrylic frames from Japan.

They are tons stronger, and tons heavier than the flimsy ultra pro/psa stuff. lol, just my preference. There just regular mini / obscure photo frames.

check it out;
P.S please don’t laugh, my cards are so shit compared to you guys… T.T


You should not feel this at all. Collecting is not a competition. Real collectors appreciate the hobby regardless of an items value. It is nice seeing everyone’s collection because it reflects their personality/values. Some people who may have had a high end item do not even have set cards, or even appreciate the hobby.

Sorry to be serious guy, I know you were just making a light hearted joke, but no one should have to feel that way about their cards.


Can’t really blame @kkthxbai for feeling that way. Sometimes the way we behave in this forum, you’d think that collecting Pokemon cards is a full contact sport. :blush: But that’s not always the case so it’s all good. Keep collecting! Remember, Gotta catch 'em all!

I like those frames. They look great.


Kkthx…Scotts right. We appreciate EVERYBODYS collection and passion.
A good example is: I love my baseball card collection even though I don’t have a t206 Wagner or Cobb rookie. Keep up the good work.


One picture that didn’t show up is that the PSA logo is on both stands. Below will show the ultra pro with logo.

wow all of you guys are way too nice. honestly. Thanks.


Its great to see more close ups of the stands.

Plus it would be interesting to find out more on how people have displayed their cards in a room setting also.
I seen one guy on you-tube who built these custom psa fitting slide on shelves.

I personally use these stands:

They’re not the highest quality, but they’re cheap and serve their purpose.

Actually, yours is expensive for what you get. Both of mine are actually cheaper;)

Those stands do their job for the memorabilia cards, and a Tropical Wind :blush:


This was just an example auction, however, it is for 10 of them. You can get the other acrylic stands for less than a dollar each?

Ahhh…didnt realize it was for 10 of them lol.