Near Complete ex FireRed & LeafGreen Set

I have a near complete ex FireRed & LeafGreen set.

I really need some money so I’ve decided to sell if before completing it.
It’s a little sad because they cards are all pack fresh…but when you need money, you sell what you have to! :blush:

So I was curious what a good asking price for my set would be.
I am missing the following cards:
Charizard ex
Gengar ex
Gyarados ex
Venusaur ex
Articuno ex
Moltres ex

Would there be a significant difference between selling a complete set and a set like mine? I guess that’s kind of a stupid question since I’m missing some of the most expensive ex’s… lol

If you’re selling a set I would always suggest completing the odds and ends first. Buyers like convenience and if they have to search around to finish the set, chances are that they will pass it up for a complete one.

Good luck :blush: