My Main Pokemon Collections

Since I was encouraged to in another topic, I’m gonna show off the full extent of my love for the Legendary Beasts, Absol, and Land Forme Shaymin. :3

Cards are awesome, but so are toys!

This is my website for my Beast Trio and Absol collections, Sacred Field. Coming off a HUGE influx of new merchandise for the beasts, especially the shiny promotion. I still need the shiny MonColle+ figures and the shiny Battrio, and I’m complete in that aspect unless they surprise us with more. XD

And here’s my website for Land Forme Shaymin (so much stuff it needs its own site!), with a side of Icicle Plate Arceus. Collecting has slowed down significantly on both, since Shaymin’s movie was two years ago, and Arceus’s plates only got a few items.

This is scary good. Thanks for the links!

Plush toys can’t come cheap, and need loads of space too. Do you keep them out in your room or are they locked away?

Even though I have no interest in collecting non-cards, it was really great to see such an awesome collection

I agree with dogma, awesome collection! I’d not buy plushies etc myself but I always love seeing what other people have.

They’re all on shelves, except the giant Entei and Suicune and giant Daisuki Club Shaymin, those are on the floor. :3

Here’s how it looks, rather outdated since I moved the Absol collection to the other bookshelf and the cube is now sitting in its place until I eventually get the latest beast UFOs. I’ve also now stacked the figures vertically with plastic cases like this (since rearranged again). Everything really does take up a ton of space. XD

Thank you guys so much for your complements, too! :heart_eyes:

*jaw drops to floor*

That is one serious collection!

I am slightly in awe of you 0.o