My Kidrobot Collection

I’ve been collecting Kidrobot Figures for a little over a year now! Is anyone else here into Kidrobot?

My entire collection

6" Zoidberg, got it for a great deal too.

Another view of my display case

The incredibly elusive Robot Devil. 1/96, the rarest of the futurama figures. I thought I’d never get one, and then, while searching for Zoidberg, I randomly pulled one! I only need a 3" Zoidberg to complete my base futurama set!

These are Alternate Universe Fry, Leela, and Bender, all custom painted by my girlfriend! Still need to get a Zoidberg for her to paint!

Hypnotoad, I wanted it since I started collecting. It was a SDCC Exclusive limited to 1000, and was crazy expensive. For my birthday this year my girlfriend bought it for me, I was in complete surprise, loved it lol. And than a month ago, for some reason kidrobot decided to re-release it on their website with absolutely no differences for only $39.95. It’s like Nintendo re-releasing all the Lottery Promos…

Slurms, this was the first chase I ever pulled, I was so excited! Also the second rarest figure in the series(Right behind Robot Devil)

6" Wooden Bender, also a birthday gift from my girlfriend!

My first South Park Chase! I only need Satan(rarest of the base set), Cartman(common), Kyle(common), and Officer Barbrady(common) to complete the base set I believe. I got lucky with my south Park pull and got hardly any doubles, as I did with futurama(have doubles of almost everything but still no Zoidberg…)

Towelie, another south park chase. It’s a really really sweet figure, it actually feels like a towel lol.

Their is still a lot of pictures I haven’t put up, and i still have many many figures to collect, I am almost finished with Futurama and South Park though, South Park will be a bit more expensive because two of the SDCC exclusives go for quite a bit of money. I’m hoping after I complete both sets, which will be very soon (especially futurama), that a series two of both south park and futurama come out. If not I’ll start collecting the simpsons though lol - My thread on the official kidrobot forums! See my collection being built from start to now!


Wow, these are super awesome! Going through this made me want to collect them haha. This collection is sweet. Keep it up!

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I’m going to have nightmares now…

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those futurama ones are so much cooler than the south park ones imo. shame the show is ending


I got a few new awesome additions to my kidrobot collection i’d like to share with you all :blush:

This is my 6" Robot Devil which was just released alongside the Super super rare 3" Robot Devil

I bought the 6" Robot Devil on impulse, I went into the store I normally buy my kidrobot figures from to get a few Treehouse of Horror Simpsons Blind boxes in pursuit of Dracula Mr. Burns when I saw the Robot Devil, so instead of getting THoH figures, I got the RD :blush:. Happy with my choice, especially because out of 6 THoH Blind boxes I only have 3 different figures(Willie, Kang, and Bart). I really want a Kodos and Dracula Mr. Burns, and maybe even the Clown Ralph.

Before the THoH series was released, Kang and Kodos came in a 6" version that are extremely rare, with Kang selling for around $250-$300 easy, while Kodos can sell for $400-$800 on the right day, so I’m very happy they released them in a 3" version, and also that doesn’t harm the value of the 6" versions like they did when they re-released the very limited Hypnotoad in the EXACT SAME VERSION, ultimately making a $120 item worth only $40~ :slightly_frowning_face:.

Here you can see my THoH figures that I have so far

I am still looking to get a 3" Zoidberg to complete my Futurama 3" set. I actually need two of them so my girlfriend will custom paint me a Universe 1 version. I have a ton more pictures of my collection if anyone is interested in checking it out, here’s the link to my thread on the kidrobot forums! I’d love to see some of you over there :blush:

Check out my collection! Thanks for comments guys! If any of you ever want to get started in collecting Kidrobot figures let me know, I am pretty knowledgeable when it comes to Kidrobot, particularly the Futurama, South Park, Street Fighter, and Simpsons sets. I currently am working to finish off my Futurama(almost complete) and South Park(almost complete as well) before I start really getting into the Simpsons sets. Thanks for looking! :blush:

EDIT - And here is an updated picture of my entire displayed collection

As you can see I am clearly running out of room lol. I need to get a new display case, preferably one that can also house my 6" figures(they don’t fit in my current display case which is why they’re on top), and possibly even a lighted display. I am very proud of my collection, and when it comes to Kidrobot stuff, I am a completionist, so I’m definitely gonna need more room lol.

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i had no idea what kid robot was until now, i didnt realize it had to do with futurama

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oh i see south park too . . . well thats interesting

I’m more into Tokidoki blindboxes.

I have all the moofia (though my rice milk’s tail is broken! :slightly_frowning_face:)
and all the cactus pups

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I thought i was the only one lol I only collect south park though. I been doing my own customs too.

I have all the chases and limited edition ones ^_~


working on the ones from the hallopween episode →



Omg your collection is amazing! The customs are fantastic I really really love the metrosexual Kenny! And am so jealous of GID dead Kenny, I’ve always wanted that one. Do you possibly commissions? I would absolutely love one of those metrosexual Kennies

I would love to! :grin:

here are some of my newest customs (- mysterion)

and i did the halloween specials xD

my fav will always bee the coon:


Anyway send me a message if you want that custom :stuck_out_tongue:

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