Murcielago's collection (PSA 10 only)

Hi everyone!

I decided to show you my personal collection.

I collect almost only vintage PSA 10 cards!
Some of you already saw a part of it on IG, but I thought it was time to share it here too, and I also need my 50 posts to create a buying thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you, I hope you enjoy!

So i’ll start with the corocoro Mew lily pad (january 1997) wich is one of my all time favorite Pokemon card and also the first ever Mew released in the TCG. (and next to him the 2016 reprint)

CD Promo Team Rocket’s Meowth (october 1999)

Mewtwo and Baby Pikachu non-glossy Promo from the Quick Starter Gift Set (december 1998)

And a cool jellyfish glossy Corocoro from november 1998 to finish the first post of this new thread :grin:


The artwork on the Meowth is so fitting. This is awesome – can’t wait to see updates :grin:

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The first ultra rare card of the hobby, look at this beautiful white star!
A shame WOTC made it a simple holo…

Some white stars chu’s!

This Pikachu birthday is my very first slab, and also my childhood dream card since I discovered it for the first time in a beckett magazine back in 99-00.

Bubble Mew.


I think I was more shocked to see that alt tentacool art than the 1st ed charizard duo lol, great collection btw


@papafrankgod, haha! Never seen this card before =) ?
thank you very much!

@murcielago, not that I recall, but also many e-series or obscure wotc era promos get erased from my mind from time to time. It’s nice tho cos I get excited every time I see them again

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Beautiful collection ! :grin:

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I’m really loving that Mewtwo from the first post. First time I’ve seen it before. Great collection!!

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Very impressed at those grades on cards that are in notoriously poor condition. What a great collection!

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12/06/16, 21h15

Greatest pull of my life :blush: !

I’m more a 1st/2nd gen collector, and already pulled some huge cards from the wotc era, but what an unforgettable experience to pull a gem mint 1st edition gold star Rayquaza from a booster box!

Context: I had two 1st edition clash in blue skies boxes: one mint, and one good condition.
I finally sold the mint one but it was harder to sell the good condition one.

So this evening of June 2016 I thought: let’s open this, maybe I could get some nice holos / ex to send to PSA and nevermind if I loose some money.
I started to open some packs 1, 3, 6 and still no EX!
And then at the 7th pack…
I didn’t realize immediately since I was looking for bright ex cards, then finally: wait… I know this artwork!

I took some pictures, put the card in a sleeve and sent it to PSA few weeks later.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to sell this card.
My only regret is not having recorded my opening.


I loved this card since the first time I saw it in a magazine back in 2000.
I remember how it was clear in my mind that this specific card would be the « Charizard » of the set.
I pulled this one myself and sent it to PSA in February / March of this year (regular).
Glad to see that they still distribute some 10’s.

Two years ago I gave a 1st ed ADV 3 pack to my 8 yo stepdaughter who wanted to open an « old pack » (back then, they were not very expensive), and she pulled the card I wanted the most in the set!
I sent her card to PSA in June 2020 and received it back in October 2021.
Not bad for her 1st PSA card, what do you think :blush:?


Wow thats nuts! Some great luck and pulls for you for sure. Congrats! Cute that your stepdaughter pulled her own psa 10 too :blush:


Great collection, love it ! @murcielago,

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Today some japanese ex era cards!

ADV 3 (EX Dragon) Low Pop rares:

-1st edition Gyarados PSA 10 (POP 2)
-1st edition Dragonair PSA 10 (POP 1)

1st edition Torchic gold star PSA 10!


Few cards of my last PSA returns:

In bonus, the french mistranslated Deuxmiaou (literally “two meow”).
There is no corrected version of this card.



Ah yes, that infamous deuxmiaou. I don’t know why they thought of translating that name, as Pokémon already had official translated French names (and Mewtwo stays Mewtwo). The translation isn’t even correct, it should have been miaoudeux.
Anyway, that’s a nice card to have!

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My latest acquisition!
I’ve been looking for a PSA 10 copy for years since this card is so hard to find without any flaws and well centered.

For comparaison this is a POP 5 card while the English WOTC version is pop 318.

Released the 15th may 1999 (9 months before the Japanese néo genesis), this is the first 2nd generation Pokémon to be featured on a tcg card.

Huge thank to @prochaos for selling me this little egg, and to my friend Mister Fuji for the pick up to the Worlds.

I’ll make a post later with Marill with for more informations about these cards.


I recently started to pay attention to my stock of japanese ex holos, and I decided to grade them. I opened a lot of packs the 10 last years, and realize now how beautiful they are!


Always preferred the holos to the ex cards, very nice!

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Same for me! Gold stars and holo’s are the best arts from this era.