Munch Scream Cards

Just curious about what everyone’s opinion is about the scream cards. Yes they are pretty cool looking and we’re limited in print and availability. What I’m wondering is the long term viability of them being a good long term (years) collectors item. I have 3 almost 4 sets of each scream card graded at PSA 10. On the PSA website it seems pretty low on the amount graded at PSA 10. Based off what I’ve heard and seen they are really hard to get graded a 10. Look at PsyDuck it has about half graded at a 9 and a couple others are like that too. Any opinions welcome.

They should increase in the long term. They had a limited releases(mimiku and pikachu) especially. They have quality art and appeal to alot of collectors. I’ve only been back into collecting since last August and these made me double take and ultimately start collecting Japanese stuff to. They literally dragged me to the Japanese side of pokemon.


For me it’s a fantastic long term collector’s item even outside of the hobby. I love art, I love Munch’s paintings, and I think these have a very cool and special part in history as a collaboration between the world’s largest media franchise and the works of one of its most recognizable artists. Irrespective of value, these cards have staying power for many, many years to come.

That being said- I’ve purchased a few sets and the centering on certain cards, like Psyduck, is garbage! I have about 7 Mimikyu’s and they aren’t truly the best either. Hard grades in my opinion…


Mine are all graded PSA 10’s but I have noticed Psyduck is REALLY hard to grade. Right now Psyduck has 40 PSA 10’s and 36 PSA 9’s that’s damn near 50% graded lower than a 10 from a card that’s pretty new. Eevee’s grade rate is pretty similar. So based off these numbers could Eevee and Psyduck become the rarest PSA 10’s? It was more available but the way it was handed out appears to have made the supply of potential PSA 10’s very scarce. Another question is how limited was this run of cards? Limited is throw around on every article about this I found but how true is it?

Mimiku was only available at pokemon centers and was 1 per account… Pikachu was available at retrospective exhibit 1 per ticket… The other 3 you could get with 2 booster pack purchases at pokemon centers if im not mistaken

Right but the handling of the easier 3 seems to of been crappy plus the centering issues. Even the handling of the more rare ones seem to be questionable. What does pokemon do with cards left over? There had to be a ton of ones not handed out. I would hope they use a SpaceX rocket and shoot the leftovers into the sun.

I keep hearing this being repeated but I’m not sure it’s competently accurate.

According to Bulbapedia-

Mimikyu was available in the Pikachu/Eevee Scream Mini Card File, which could be purchased from the shop present at the exhibition and the Pokémon Center Online starting October 27, 2018.

According to several sellers descriptions:
This card is only available to those who purchased Ultra Shiny 's pack.

Tagging @smpratte since he mentions only one per account in a recent video.


It was limited to one per account when buying online, but what about mailing address? It’s super easy to make multiple accounts on an online store. Doesn’t seem like a real limitation.

There’s one guy on eBay who has a picture of 10 sealed Scream cards and many other sellers with multiples in the inventory. One person has sold 14 already. If these were so hard to find and limited, why is there an abundance of them, and how do some sellers have so many?


If you close your eyes and say base set 1st edition 3 times smpratte appears!


I was summoned!


Yeah I’m wondering the same. There seems to be a lot on ebay that dude that has 10 is offloading them for 4k. Seems pretty high without knowing if they are a PSA 10 or not. The Pikachu was only available for a week or so at the exhibit. To me that would be the most rare because of the short time to get and the whole in person thing.

The mimikyu was limited to 1 per account. I have a japanese pokemon center account and was limited to one. Also Zen Market and other middle man services placed orders for international buyers and received one copy, per their account, and had to refund the rest of the buyers.

The guy with 10 copies is a european currently in japan flipping product. It isn’t that difficult to buy 10 $100 cards on the second hand market in Japan. Especially if they purchased them during release, it would have cost a fraction.

Also, the condition for all cards is worse that expected. Keep that in the context of new back japanese. But Psyduck is pretty brutal. I had more 9’s than 10’s. Same with Eevee, slightly more 9’s than 10’s. I’ve had mimikyu and pikachu with creases.

All those factors combined + great looking cards will be an interesting outcome down the road.


I’m looking forward to what that outcome might be.

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as scott says in his videos these cards have appeal past pokemon. when they were announced i sent pics to my art world friends and they lost their shit. i see definite solid value in the cards. to me theyre similar to the masakis. hard grades. small set. beautiful art. perfect.


Just to keep tabs on how the market has been developing for these cards I’ve been checking eBay a couple times a week. These cards haven’t flooded the market and the price seems to be slowly creeping up. There aren’t a lot of them on eBay either.

What’s surprising to me is that I looked at the pop report for these, there aren’t nearly as many graded yet as I thought there’d be. Psyduck has the most graded at this time with a total of 76, 40 of which are 10s. Pikachu has the least total graded at 70 with 64 of those being 10s. I imagine a lot of people are keeping a set of these for themselves at this time, but also many more sitting at PSA right now waiting to be graded.

Had I known Mimikyu was going to be so popular I would have certainly picked up more of them. I’ve not put any of mine on eBay yet, and likely won’t any time soon, but I on average spent $9.58 per sealed Mimikyu, including postage, from sellers on Mercari back when they first came out. I was also lucky enough to get one from the Pokémon Center Online using vvJapan, which I think was approximately $4.58 excluding postage.

One thing to note is that a lot of people like myself will not have received their Scream cards until mid to late January, and with PSA having a turnaround of 3+ months for non-express orders, I expect the number of graded copies is likely to shoot up in the next couple of months. I’m planning on getting mine graded at some point, but have yet to send them off as I’m waiting on an existing order back from PSA at present.

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Based off what I’ve heard fresh out of the wrapper for these cards aren’t a guaranteed PSA 10. So who knows what will happen with the pop. Plus how many cards were put into circulation. Pikachu was only available for 6 days at the MET. Psyduck is really hard to get a PSA 10. Mimikyu was only given out 1 per person per account and that was it. I am very curious how many scream cards were circulated.

I forgot to add that Eevee is also hard to get a PSA 10.

All of them seem to be hard to grade in a 10. Most people were waiting all day to get the cards, and didn’t bring any sort of protection once getting them. So most were placed in pockets, or backpacks and damages during transit.