"Most valuable Pokemon cards list" Article Accuracy

I stumbled upon this article and was wondering, how accurate is this list? I figure if any group of people alive knows, it’s this forum!


It’s a bad list (definitely not the worst) like every other article like it.A couple glaring inaccuracies:
Gold star Espeon is neither more valuable or more rare than 1999 Tropical Wind. Japanese Espeon Star would have been thre better choice for the list.
Kamex Computer Error is rare but Master Key is wayyyy more so.
First Edition Blastoise has no business on this list.
TMB articuno is not more rare or valuable than Hawaii Lucky Stadium Orr Bilingual Exeggutor (neither of which appear on this list)
No Pika, TMB, SSB, or Neo Battle Road trophies are present! (Wtf)
Again, not the worst article of its kind, but not good either.


In the writer’s defense…he did mention it was the Japanese star in the body of the post…but the whole thing is so badly written (and the pictures are awful) it just shows that the writer did not actually know Pokemon before the assignment.


These type of articles have very poor accuracy and are more click bait than anything. They even show an unlimited version of charizard instead of the 1st edition version just to show the authors don’t really know what they are talking about.


It’s understandable why these lists have very little accuracy in terms of ranking rarity and value.

Imagine your boss giving you an assignment to come up with a list of ‘Top 10 Rarest and Most Valuable Neopet Cards in Existence’ before the week ends just because you heard of Neopets. I’m sure whatever your list is, the efour of Neopets will create a discussion thread on it and pick on the details.


Haha, that’s journalism in the everything should be free, advertising supported, internet age. You get what you (don’t) pay for.

”Shadowless first edition charizard”
Picture of a none first edition


Pre-release raichu? So many cards have beaten thw original sale price of this card so it shouldnt even be in top 10

As mentioned by others, these lists are never accurate and contain loads of things we as actual Pokémon TCG collectors would think: Wth is this card doing here? Or why isn’t this card in this list?

Reading the title before I went into this thread however, I thought this was going to be an article about the most valuable Pokémon TCG cards. An actual correct list I mean. It would certainly be very cool to have an actual correct article like that here on the forum, to once and for all counter all those rubbish articles online. I personally don’t know a lot of the very rare cards, and I’m also not a Trophy collector, so although I can certainly help I don’t think I’m the right person to make such an article. Some cards that come to mind are all Trophy cards of all years 1997 to and including now (in terms of value the ones from 1997, 1998, 1999 of course; but in terms of how often you see them some other years like 2000 or those Female 2001 cards come to mind - and I haven’t even seen all years yet tbh); Pokémon Illustrator; SNAP Photo Contest cards; the Ishihara GX (with Rotom) that was given for his 60th birthday and the Ishihara & Pikachu GX tag team that was given for his 61th birthday; Sample cards which were never released to the public; Base 1st edition Charizard PSA-10; etc. etc. Maybe it’s cool to have two lists, one in terms of value, and one in terms of rarity/amount of copies. I can name a few cards which have less than 10 copies in existence, which are still cheaper than an ungraded 1st edition Base Set Charizard in PSA-6+ condition of which there are 100s of copies out there.