Most beat up INTACT card you’ve ever bought?

Here’s mine. It’s currently at PSA waiting to see if they’ll assign it a numeric grade or if they’ll try to slap me with the hated “authentic”


Here’s the back


Any card I ever ordered from France without pictures labeled as “very good” looks just like that Charizard.

It took my like 3 orders to get my McDonalds French set in decent condition


Another bgs 9.5 possibility I see :wink:


Graded this myself! Looks way better on camera :skull:

It is NOT rigid. Just so you know how fucked it is.


By not rigid do you mean it’s soft? Lol cause so is that charizard at PSA :joy:

No just soft but it actuality kinda bends in a direction, like not dramatically but it does need to be held in a certain way for it to not limp a bit LOL


That charizard is in this condition more often than other cards. I sold one like this (maybe even a bit worse) and there were at least 3 different psa 1 cards in this condition on ebay (or ebay sold). Kind of funny why this would happen to this card in particular

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This is for sure one of the most beat up cards I have actively weighed up in my mind before purchasing



Define “Intact”. As in, ‘one piece’, or as in, the ‘whole card is there’?

Uhhhh let me generalize it to 3/4 or more. Ripped off corner is fine

Ah, well, I have several beat up charizards, kinda a thing for me, BUT I think this is the single most damaged card that I’ve purchased. Pretty sure it has been burned. Paid $20 ish in about 2015, and I’m very proud of it. :yum:


Omg if this ain’t the truth… literal corners cut off with scissors lol

Hey, ill be honest

Good enough to go into a complete set imo

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I found this last year at an estate sale for a few bucks. Champ must have been through a lot.


Mine is legendary collection reverse holo nidoking full of creases, one of the only times i got scammed since the creases were completely hidden from the photos (which is super easy to do with lc reverse holos, couldn’t even take a photo of the card myself showing the amount of creases :smiley: ) just recently bought a replacement for the card but it hasn’t arrived just yet.