More info on Korean ADV (Ruby & Sapphire) Decks

Hey everyone!

I know that a few months ago someone posted this photo of a Korean Torchic Deck from the ADV days in 2004 looking for more information

An almost full collection of the set has just come on sale locally in Korea and the seller was kind enough to send me a full-res photo of the Torchic card in question. The ADV set has 55 cards in it, so if you look at the card number on the Torchic it looks like there were 3 Korean sets around that time, one for each starter.

And here’s the Treecko!

and here’s Mudkip!

Apologies if this is common knowledge - just thought it would be fun to share! :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing, I’d not seen these before. Looks like the Korean decks follow the same pattern as the Japanese, each starter deck having 19 cards.

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That unlimited edition Torchic blister between 1st edition Treecko and Mudkip blisters triggers my OCD. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was indeed aware these decks were released in Korean thanks to this post by @omahanime in this thread of mid 2016:

But considering the Korean ADV era cards are extremely niche and don’t pop up too often, I always enjoy seeing informative threads like this pop up, so thanks a lot for sharing, @swissorican . :blush:


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Of course! Happy to help! That’s the post I meant, I just couldn’t remember who had done it, haha! And obviously there’s the Pikachu promo from this era, but you already know that :wink:

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