Korean Middleman Services

Does anyone know of any Korean middleman services? I have found some Korean Pokemon ADV packs and would love to buy them, but don’t know of anyway to get them.

What are the Korean ADV packs? Wouldn’t those be 3rd generation cards?

Yes, they are 3rd generation cards. It’s the first set also known as EX Ruby and Sapphire.

Thats news to me haha. I’ve never seen a card from the 3rd generation in Korean. Is it only the EX Ruby and Sapphire cards?

Apparently so. It’s the only set I can find in Korean from the 3rd gen.

Interesting… I’ll have to look into this some more. Do you have any of the cards from EX RS that you have pictures of? I’d be interested in seeing what the cards look like. Also, I’m assuming that the card list is the same as the Japanese?

Here’s a picture of a Wailmer from the EX RS set post by viper.fox on his blog.


As you can see, it has the same border and I’m assuming the same backing as well as the Japanese cards. The card list is the same as the Japanese one.

Cool! I’m wondering if its the only 3rd gen set for Korean. Do you know of any 2nd gen sets?

According to Bulbapedia, there were 3rd gen sets printed through EX Power Keepers, but I’ve only seen EX Ruby and Sapphire packs online. As for 2nd gen sets, there are none.

I saw that too, but I assumed it meant that cards were printed and distributed in S. Korea, but not necessarily in Korean. I hope to find more info on this. Sorry for hijacking your thread with my questions lol I have a few contacts in Korea so perhaps they might have info to help you out with the middleman.

Three things:

  1. Cally is a girl.
  2. This is awesome information.
  3. If you find a solid korean middleman, PLEASE let me know. Haha
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Woah Charlie. Since when did you want to get into Korean cards?

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@tonysandlin : It’s fine. Hopefully you can help me get come of these cards.

@funmonkey54 : Whoops, my bad, I didn’t know. Like I said before, hopefully tonsandlin can find me a middleman to get me some of these cards.

I have a partial set I really want to finish. It’s been over a year now and I just can’t access the singles.

So, looking at that card has me thinking of 2 tings: There is a 1st edition stamp, so would that mean that there are unlimited cards as well? I also see the code next to the stamp. Could that mean there are different code variations?

I was also thinking if they follow the Japanese prints, would they also print the decks or construction packs? There are just so many questions! I messaged a friend about this and I’m just waiting to hear back from him. He also offered to make me an account on a Korean Pokemon group (I cant do it because I don’t live in S. Korea) so that maybe I can get direct answers from people that might know more about this.

I’ll try and get to the bottom of this because this might affect my collection!

According to a person who lives in South Korea and has been collecting since Base Set, Ruby and Sapphire were the only ADV cards ever printed. Apparently the pack art for the second set was revealed but never released to the public.

The Bulbapedia article on the Korean cards is misleading because it says that cards were printed in S. Korea up until Power Keepers. It doesn’t say if the cards were Korean or Engish or Japanese. Also, since the Korean ADV cards followed Japanese sets very closely, then there wouln’t have been a Power Keepers set anyway. “Until” might mean including or not including Power Keepers.

Either way, it looks like the mystery might be solved.

look here www.card09.com/goods_list.php?Index=276

I came across this while I was searching around. It looks like more proof for Ruby and Sapphire like others have said. I initially thought that the other packs were Korean until I looked closer and saw that they were Japanese :stuck_out_tongue: