Lets talk about ADV Korean cards

So this is going to be a compilation of information regarding to the extremely limited generation 3 release of Pokémon cards in Korea in 2004. Not going to claim I know everything about this topic but I’ve picked up a decent amount of information regarding these cards in the past two years while researching one of the half decks mentioned here. A list of sources will be linked at the end (thank you wayback machine!)

Anyway -

Korean ADV cards! While Korean cards had a limited release during generation 1 in the base set, and began to be released proper with generation 4 with Start of an Adventure 모험의 시작, there was a very brief period in the 3rd generation where the cards were released. The Korean release for both the base set in 2000 and the ADV era cards we are talking about here were handled not through WOTC or Nintendo directly, but through Daewon C&A holdings - after that the cards were released through Nintendo/Pokémon.

First you had the ADV Expansion set, (확장팩 ADV) released in February of 2004. It was released only in first edition (compared to how japan released their adv expansion, in unlimited and first edition). An individual pack costed 1000 won, and was set up in the same way and style of Japanese cards at the time.

Following soonish after this in July 2004, The three preconstructed decks were released. They follow the Japanese EX Half-deck Starter decks for the adv expansion. Mudkip, Treecko, and Torchic. They costed somewhere between 3000 and 5000 won, and were set up in the same way as their Japanese counterpoints. They were also exclusively released in 1st edition.




These were the only releases for the 3rd generation of cards in Korea. It seems like the bad planning of the release order of cards (releasing the expansion deck before the half decks led to people not having enough energy cards, not being able to evolve major cards, and all around not having what they needed for new players.) and the limited release in general, may have led to the stopping of releasing Korean language cards until DP.

The pokemon cards in all of these releases had the Japanese back. Shown here is Korean ADV ralts and a more modern Korean ralts. The set identifier is the same ruby in the bottom right as it is for Japanese. The same can be said about the preconstructed decks - each of their set identifiers match up with the respective Japanese halfdeck counterpart.

To the best of my knowledge the bottom left ex codes only have one possible code per card, but I DO NOT know that for sure, or know what they all are. Request Japanese ex series codes! , Complete List of ex Era Serial Code Numbers , and Sets and Languages: Compilation overview list have more information in general and have partial Korean codes for ADV expansion.

Well. that’s everything important. I have some more facts jangling around that aren’t important enough to go in here, but I think I got everything relevant.

If you have any more information you think is relevant here, or see something egregiously wrong, please let me know! :smiley:

links and sources!

wayback sources
-pokemon korea circa 2004
-general product/release information for ADV Expansion, mudkip preconstructed deck, torchic preconstructed deck, and treecko preconstructed deck.
-card list for ADV Expansion
-card list for starter decks (i think)

other helpful sites and sources
namu wiki for the pokemon tcg is a good baseline
koreanpokemoncards has a get set of information on korean pokemon cards post the ADV era. no shade to the website owner his information is great, but I do think their line about cards being printed until ex power keepers is bogus. if I’m wrong please let me know, but other wise take the adv era info on that site with a grain of salt or six.
bulbapedia - you know em, you love em, its good old bulbapedia. despite being spotty at times for language releases outside japan or english, if it wasn’t for the mention in the mudkip precondeck that it was released in korean, I wouldn’t have started down this rabbit hole. so always check the obvious you’ll never know what you will find

these following cafe posts have been so helpful in nailing down timing and the mood towards the cards, as well as confirmation of what cards and decks looked like. informal and personal they are frankly a good look into the minds and moods of people living there in the time - in regards to this hyper specific topic at least
it’s been a while
part of my collection
pokemon card homepage open!!


Thanks for the article! I’m sure gen 3 species collector hate this set lol



I still need that wailord
Wailord ADV


You are not wrong, we are in constant pain! :upside_down_face:


Nice write up. It’s also nice to see you online been a minute, atleast on the instragram side of things😂

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Nice article, thanks for writing it. :slight_smile:

One thing to add: apart from that set and those three decks, there was also a single promo from the Korean ADV era, which is the 1/P Pikachu (also with new Japanese back):



Thank you! And Yeah i’m slowly crawling my way back online. Been a bit of a rough year.


I always forget about that ah thanks! (Ill add it to the post later today) Do we know what the promo was released with/for?


All I know is that it could be purchased from phone booth vending machines at some Korean tournaments in August 2004 (I don’t know the exact date or which Korean tournaments, though).



Huh interesting! I’ll poke around see if i can find anything else too

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How’s it going I have a handful of ADV Korean holos that I got from packs as a kid in Korea (birthplace) that I recently graded. I’m happy to share the rest of them when I get a chance.

I also just spent a couple months back in Korea and went to more card stores than I can count and did not find any ADV cards besides occasionally a common or two.