Request Japanese ex series codes!

Japanese spreadsheet

Here is the full list of codes:

Please let me know if you find any errors and I’ll edit the list!
The POP series and various errors or promos need to be added, but these are the ones that matter right now. Enjoy!

Many of you may already know about the serial code found on the bottom left corner of cards printed in the old ex era. I’m in the process of documenting them all (huge shout out to @poketrade and @abv150 for doing majority of the work), but I’m a handful short of completing the task. I need verification for codes of the following cards:


Wally’s Training

Hidden Legends

Energy Charge
Meteor Falls
Professor Cozmo’s Discovery
Space Center
Strength Charm
Heal Energy
Scramble Energy

FireRed LeafGreen
Great Ball

If you can provide high quality scans of these cards or any others from any set, please send me a PM, Thanks!


I should be able to help on some of the reverse holos. Especially R&S and sandstorm. Have a lot of those. I’ll try to get to it Thursday. If not, next week Tuesday or Thursday. PM me if there are any special instructions.

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All I need are the codes typed out, but if you’d like to create scans, I’d need to get back to you once I have the scanning guide ready. :blush:

Oh okay if all you need is codes I can just line up a bunch and take a few quick photos of them. I should be able to at least send some Thursday for sure.

Emerald (Not RH)
Lum Berry 6K2-P9A-8AG

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That satisfies both the unlimited and RH Lum Berry, thanks!

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Ruby and Sapphire Reverses
Energy Removal 2 GJW-YNE-6GB
Energy Restore 0Q7-NP9-NR6
Energy Switch RJ0-ZQ8-GE1
Lady Outing FUB-QDB-LJA
Lum Berry B6M-YFD-CV3
Poke Ball OZU-5BA-S6Z
Pokemon Reversal RKW-TKB-3GL
Pokenav KRB-1X2-NSB
Professor Birch KFN-T46-EFH
Water Energy SPN-3D2-7HJ

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Team Rocket Returns REVERSE
Dark Golbat => XPH-HV8-2R6
Dark Magcargo => VNK-68D-B6Z
Dark Pupitar => Which one? Nr 40 or 41? 40 = ZLU-FRA-143, 41 = FQ2-PC0-L9G
Dark Weezing => Don’t have :slightly_frowning_face:
Rocket’s Hideout => Don’t have :slightly_frowning_face:
Rocket’s Mission => Don’t have :slightly_frowning_face:
Rocket’s Poke Ball => W37-MBT-8NH
Surprise! Time Machine => 6VQ-441-4GB
Swoop! Teleporter => D3P-4W2-FL6

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Thanks you two! I’ve added them in and updated the list. Oh, and Poketrade, I added you to the first post giving you credit. You were the mastermind behind this whole list :blush:

Thanks, but @abv150 should get credited too haha, he was a huge help and way further in it than me. The file I passed you on via Charlie was also made by him.


Well thanks to you both then :blush: It’s almost done, but I have a few more added to the list under Unseen Forces.

Ahhh, I’m soo happy that you’re doing this! I’ve always thought having a complete collection of these would be amazing. It’ll be great to have a list to go off of!! Keep up the amazing work!


Thanks, but keep in mind I was copying codes over from online scans, sometimes very blurry ones, so they might not be 100% accurate. In fact, PokemonArgentina is helping proof read my list by going through his collection of cards. However, the end result is to have a complete and accurate list. Until then, any discrepancies found and brought to my attention would be greatly appreciated. :grin:


I feel that, its hard enough reading the reverses in person!

The good news is most of the cards follow a specific pattern, so I didn’t even have to see them all to be able to fill in the holes. The uncommons are the only ones that don’t guarantee a certain code if you know the other. You only need to know one of the commons to get the remaining 3 codes and the Rares and Holo’s only have one variation. :blush:

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Delta species - Dual Ball SQX-MBD-1U3

Deoxys - shegon 015-4PE-FSB
Lady Outing YX7-PQF-TNH

FRLG Multi Energy 11K-4TA-D4X

Emerald - Mr stones project 4HK-VJB-3GL


Regular cards

Deoxys- Scramble energy P0F-NGA-L9G

FRLG - multi energy 11K-4TA-D4X

Thought I would have more but that is it unfortunately! Have been selling these off quicker than I thought

Thanks for the help! It looks like you may have pointed out an error in my list, so I need to go back and review the Emerald uncommon trainers. Do you have any of those by any chance?

Just Curious… Is there any significance to these codes? Why were they placed on these cards?

That is a mystery that I want to solve eventually. Anyone who can in contact with one of the workers during the ex series might be able to get some information.