Serial numbers on EX Ruby & Sapphire, EX Sandstorm, EX Drago

Serial numbers on EX Ruby & Sapphire, EX Sandstorm, EX Dragon, and EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua sets.

I am trying to collect these four sets now and I noticed that the same card may have multiple serial numbers. I was wondering what these mean and is there a list to tell me how many different numbers there are for each card? Thanks!

Thanks for the tag @djgigabyte . @tonysandlin actually made a list for all the codes for non-Japanese EX set cards. I’m unable to find the actual thread, but here is the Excel that I’ve bookmarked.

As @djgigabyte mentioned, for non-Japanese EX era sets that have multiple codes, the Commons will have three codes; Uncommon (and Energies) two codes; everything else (RH; Rare; Holofoils; Ultra/Secret Rares; stamped promotional releases) 1 code. In Japanese EX era sets the Commons will have four codes instead (not sure about Uncommons).

The Excel provided by Tony that I linked above contains all the codes for all the non-Japanese EX era sets. (Unfortunately no list exist for the Japanese codes.)

As for the purpose of this codes, I’m not sure. I think it has something to do with the games. Similar how the E-series could be used in the game, as seen here or in this video. Don’t quote me on it, though. Perhaps the EX codes have a different meaning… I simply don’t know.



Thank you!!!

Ok, I am in the process of fixing my collection based off of codes. I see that in Ruby and Sapphire there is a set of cards with the same code as another code, but it is missing the e reader strip. Any history on this and are there any other variants I should be aware of?

Thanks! So does that mean that not every card in a particular set (example sandstorm) has one of these reprints? I want to know if I should leave a space in my binder for the reprints of every card, or just certain cards.

Lists of cards without e-reader strip can be found here (old dutch website)


Look at the bottom ‘Zonder e-reader logo (© 2004) uit Ex Battle Stadium/Master Trainer decks en theme decks t/m Ex FRLG’

I see, very interesting. Thanks!