Back of Korean cards

Does anyone know if Korean cards ever had a different back than the English style?

Same as the English - from what I’ve seen from Base Set - XY. Got a pile of them here on my desk for my students (they don’t like the Japanese ones…an opinion clearly inherited from their grandparents/parents/TV)

Then I bought 4 decks of the best Korean fakes.

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where did you get them from?

I’d like to see them…

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Off eBay from the Seattle Goodwill.

They look real…

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They feel right.
Light does not shine through them.
Typical Korean vertical holo lines.
Packaging is high quality and looks right.

  • black and white player mat.
  • board of damage markers
  • ADV rulebook
  • plastic Torchic chip
    Art, numbering, and quantity matches ADV1 deck
    001/019 Magmar ex
    002/019 Torchic
    003/019 Torchic
    004/019 Combusken
    005/019 Combusken
    006/019 Blaziken
    007/019 Electrike
    008/019 Electrike
    009/019 Manectric
    010/019 Poochyena
    011/019 Poochyena
    012/019 Mightyena
    013/019 Energy Restore
    014/019 Potion
    015/019 PokéNav
    016/019 Pokémon Reversal
    017/019 Poké Ball
    018/019 Professor Birch
    019/019 Lum Berry
    Fire Energy
    Lightning Energy
    Darkness Energy

Holy shit, I can’t believe you found those.

To elaborate, Korean cards were printed for EX Ruby & Sapphire in 1ED (not sure about unlimited) and there was a second set planned, but it never took off. This is relatively unknown and often forgotten when thinking about Korean Pokemon cards and this theme deck might even be more elusive. To get clarification on the backs being real, I’d ask CollectorViper, since she has a few of the EX RS cards in Korean, I believe.

I don’t want to get you too excited, but this might be an absolute steal.


I was thinking about the same line.
they look like a “trial” set, but in the end they decided to go with the english backs when they started printing again.

Would be sweet.

Woops. Found something I want.

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The Korean Ruby & Sapphire cards all have the Japanese back so these cards have to be the real deal.
Great find!

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I’m incredibly excited for you. Now you have to track down the Ruby & Sapphire set :blush:

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