Mitsuhiro Arita holo card list

Hi all!

I assume that as many people here, Mitsuhiro Arita is my favourite pokemon ilustrator.
I would like to start collecting, step by step, all of his designs of some of my favourite pokemons. Does any of you have or know a website that has a list of his holo designs?

This is the best I could find, but it wont let you filter or anything.
Thanks in advance!

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You will probably have to start a spreadsheet and keep track of it yourself.

Half the fun of collecting is spreadsheets!


You can use pkmncards.

That sadly won’t show Japanese exclusives, though.

I don’t know of a list that has exactly what you’re looking for, OP.
I can only refer you to @xileets Arita spreadsheet in the Artist collector General Thread:

Doesn’t have a column for rarity(/holo), but maybe it helps you for cross-checking with serebii or pkmncards.

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This is a good suggestion. It won’t have Japanese cards but it’s a great place to start:

Hey @franmotard , I’ve slowly been working on adding the prints, and variations on the arita list. It will probably never be complete but it’s ever growing. Now, when you say holo, I assume you mean specifically holo prints, and not reverse, but I’m presently working on adding that to the list linked above.

I do have the list - holo/rev holo/promo stamp/etc - done for my personal collection, however, it’s slightly different than the public list I made (which has every card Eng and Jp). I’ll add my list to sheet 2 of the above list, until I complete the complete listing for the public one. It’ll at least save you a HUGE amount of leg work.

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Thank you so much!! You have done an incredible job, it will be super helpful for me. Yes I mean regular holo prints, I am not a big fan of rev holo myself.

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My pleasure. I’m happy to share. I’ve been working on this list bit by bit for many years.

Thank you for your amazing list !

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