Misprint or sun bleached?

Hey guys, just made a holo lot purchase and noticed this dragonite prior to the purchase. After receiving the cards, I reached out to TCA Gaming and he believes it’s sun bleached.

Is this most likely just a sun damaged card? I saw a Wb Dragonite on eBay with the same issue but slightly different discoloration?



Messed up the images lmao. Phones are rough.

Almost certainly sunbleached, yes


I am leaning toward misprint because of how vivid 90 HP and Pokémon Power are. I would expect those to be paler from sun damage, since red absorbs the damaging rays better,

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Part of the card could have been covered while it was in the sun.

There’d be a more distinct line if it was covered long enough for it to make a difference.

Hmm, this is a quandary. But for my two cents, I’d say sunbleached. The yellow fade looks very natural compared to other cards I sunbleached as a kid by leaving them in my car windshield or some crap (don’t worry, nothing sacrilegious). I will say though, that red does look suspiciously unfaded. I have no info to explain that, but I’d love to hear the science about it if someone can explain it.


I see where most of you are coming from and I looked into the sun bleaching process, but I just thought that certain colors from the red to blacks and even dragonite himself are still vivid, and that it would be challenging to professionally cover up certain areas. I did notice at the bottom there is some yellow which could be from something holding it or a printer barely hitting the yellow.

I’m not trying to prove this to be some extremely rare misprint but it seems different from the examples I’ve found of border and full front bleaching, both of which affect the card far more or less than the preserved colors here.

It is what it is, I just don’t have the knowledge for it. I could only find one other “albino” dragonite online and wasmt sure if it was just a coincidence.

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Also, I really appreciate all of your thoughts and opinions no matter the outcome.

The red on the HP and Pokemon power is applied as solid red and not as CMYK dots, just like the border. To me it looks like the red has turned pinkish, evidence of fading. The solid yellow border is definitely faded and the CMYK layer if the card is also faded.

A real error card would have one or two problematic layers and the rest would be unaffected. To me, the fact that basically every ink layer looks faded indicates it’s very likely to be sun damage. It looks like something sat on the card too and kept that bottom part from being exposed to the sunlight

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Yeah that card looks like it may have seen too much sun, given all the fading.
Sad to see a Dragonite in that condition! :sob: