Sun Faded or Actual Error?

I got a 4th Print Machamp today and noticed that the color was quite off.

The back looks completely normal with very bright and vibrant colors.

Is this a legitimate printing error or just sun faded? The seller says that the card spent its entire life in a binder… So I’m stumped!

Either way, I think it’s pretty neat. :blush:

I was literally going to say, “ask Darkrai, this is his expertise!” He ninja’d me to the post. :blush:

I echo the same opinion as Darkrai. It is a difficult distinction to make with 100% certainty. Something I would do is maybe wait for another copy to appear for cheap and do a little science experiment. Let it sit in the sunlight for awhile and compare the results.

I have a few bad condition ones that I could put in the window for awhile. :blush:

Thanks for the help guys!! I’ll post my results after awhile.

If it was left in the sun, wouldn’t the plastic yellow or discolor?