Misaligned Kabutops

What do you guys think of this card? I’ve seen it multiple times on ebay over the last 2 months. I think it was like $4000 initially and has been continually relisted down to around $520 now.


He’s getting there. It’ll probably sell in 1 or 2 more price drops.

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It’s obviously really rare but I don’t understand why people would go crazy to buy it. The condition on the back is pretty terrible too


Gives me a minor headache just looking at it…


Look at all the scratches on front.

Collector gets rare card, puts it in penny sleeve and toploader.

Stupid person gets rare card, plays with it, shows it to every moron around, decides it might be worth a small fortune on eBay.


A bit much to call him stupid. Maybe the original owner just didn’t realize what he had when he got it. Didn’t almost every kid treat their cards badly back then?

Also how rare are these type of errors anyway? I’ve never seen anything like it b4.

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Its probably the only one in existence. Maybe not cigar wrapper Hitmonlee cool, but still interesting.


Actually, what I had was a Hitmonlee and it turned out to be the end of a foil roll and not a cigar wrapper;)

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And the “Cigar” nickname continues…

Close, but no cigar? Hehehe, sorry.
I know of the misaligned Shining Celebi but that didn’t look as impressive as this kabutops, shame the condition is dogshit.


It’s a cool card, I probably wouldn’t pay anything over $200 for it. I already know he tried to send it to PSA as well and they wouldn’t authenticate it, which is kind of a bummer as well.

I could’ve swore I saw a psa graded victreebel with the same error.

Maybe, i’m just saying I know this specific card got sent back and PSA said they wouldn’t grade/authenticate.

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I’ve see this error twice on youtube, it’s very rare, but not the only one out there…

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There have been some graded cards where holofoil layer is out of place just slightly but they aren’t anything compared to this Kabutops.

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