Mini Playing Cards

Hi All,

I’m wondering if anyone can ID these mini playing cards. I’ve had them in my possession since the late 90s, given to me by a friend whose father had bought them in Japan. I’m aware of the standard size playing cards i.e. Charizard back, Lugia back etc., however these are much smaller as you can see pictured below

Any additional information or a link to listings of them would be much appreciated.

Is it possible they are legitimate Pokemon products? Or are they more likely knockoffs? The art is certainly unique, particularly the Krabby straight with the vise grip on the Nidoran.

Much appreciated :grin:

These look fake on first glance, but I remember @qwachansey having a mini poker set, with probably mini cards as well. He might be able to help identify the cards. :grin:

That’s Chinese, not Japanese. So 99% chance of being fake. The whole “someone I know got these in Japan thing” backstory is an immediate giveaway.

The artwork is actually quite appealing. There’s some work gone into that in my opinion.

The artwork is legit. It’s just the product itself that is fake af.

Oh ok so thats known artwork you mean no wonder it looks good. Simply printed on a fake product.

Thanks for the responses so far guys. If it is known artwork, wondering where it is from? Does anyone have a link?