Mightyena's Buy Thread - Korean/Portuguese Acerola FA

Hi everyone, I’m looking to buy the following cards ungraded and NM-M condition. Will update with time, thanks! Willing to negotiate as I’m not sure on some of the prices, and haven’t seen some of them sell for a while :blush:




£60 -아세로라 Full Art (Acerola) - SM2+ Beyond a New Challenge (057/049)

Based in UK

Check the Pokemon Sell/ Buy/ Trade group on facebook. Copy and paste this there - there are a few sellers selling the 3 dogs in PSA 9 for about £90 for the set. That’s mint and already graded at cheaper than what you want :wink:


Really? I haven’t seen anyone selling them for a while on there, but I’ll take your advice and try it out, thank you :blush:

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I saw it come up last week - but the people who have been selling these have been trying to sell for over a year. Put up a post and someone should tag whoever has them :blush: .

Updated some wants :blush:

Are you interested in raw cards only or graded too? I’ve got a PSA 10 Gift Box Latias ex if you are interested. Got 2 of them so I don’t need both :blush:

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I’d prefer ungraded as it’s a personal binder collection, but can’t harm asking what your price is? :blush:

Added/removed a decent amount of things :grin:

Have the play mew in psa 10

Only really interested in ungraded, but I think I may have one sorted out, thank you :blush:

Updated with some prices/cards. Hopefully they’re okay, let me know if you want to negotiate :blush:

Added some new FA Supporters.

As a side note, does anyone have an idea what prices they think the FA supporters will settle down to?


Mew ex play promo PSA9 BIN for 120$, cheaper than a lot of the ungraded mint cards sells for. Really fair price. Seems to be kinda new seller tho, and idk if he would ship to europe…

I’d love to buy it but it says he won’t ship outside US :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks though :blush:

Try messaging the guy, no harm in asking :blush:

Been a while so may as well bump :blush:

Updated again :blush:

Have the rayquaza but psa 10 don t know if can interest
Have also the mightyena ungraded

I think the Ray has been sorted out, and I was only interested in ungraded anyway but thanks.

I’m interested in the Mightyena though, lmk if we can work something out!

Bump, really hoping someone has the Acerolas :blush: