Want: Charizards (Any language/graded!), FA's

Hey guys! I am always looking for Charizard cards, in any language or graded, so feel free to let me know what you have!

I am also looking for these particular Ex’s/FA’s:

  • FA Lugia Ex
  • FA Kyogre Ex
  • FA Raikou Ex
  • FA Rayquaza Ex
  • FA Lucario Ex
  • FA Xerneas Ex
  • FA Mew Ex

I can buy if the price is right, or I can also trade. I have a few PSA graded cards, as well as some Ex’s/FA’s and other Charizard cards that I can trade: patriotsfan117.imgur.com/

Looking forward to working out some deals! :sunglasses:

Trying to go after all those 1 or no pop FAs I see. I am sending away most of those in either my last submission or this coming one. The hardest one to find Is the mew FA. The light background makes any off centeredness pop out. It’s one of the ones I want most.

My too 3 psa 10 FA


I’d put lucario and gengar uo there but I’m sure I’ll get at least 1 in my next submission. I’m sure if one of my 2 don’t it’ll be easy to find another copy since FUF was printed well.

You’re a smart guy, Hisoka. Read my mind haha. Hope no one piggybacks off my idea xD

I’m still sort of trying to find my niche within the whole PSA side of Pokemon cards. Low pop FA’s seem like a profitable thing (I ended up selling the FA Dialga we discussed about for $310 to a collector overseas), so I figured it would be a good way to make some profit. Also helps me buy some cards I still need for my collection :slight_smile:

Good luck with the submissions! PSA seems to have become more relaxed with the grades during the past month. The SR M Charizard went from May 'til October with only 3 Gem Mint 10 copies on the pop report, and now it’s shot up to 7 in the past month… so maybe you get those 1st 10’s. If I end up getting the 2nd GM 10’s for those, I’ll be sure to sell them for good prices, instead of letting them for pennies… I know how you feel about sellers selling cheaply just to sell, which drops down the market value lol.

@patriotsfan117 I have a Charizard gold star! Shoot me a PM if you’re interested.

I have German base unlimited, French base 1ED, and German Dark Charizard unlimited all pack fresh. Let me know.

Already have the unlimited German 'Zard, but I am definitely interested in the other two! Shoot me a pm to discuss price :blush:

That mew is familiar… :confused:

I haven’t updated some of the pics, but it isn’t for sale/trade right now :blush: