Mew (BW 98)

@ UPCCC – Hello, everyone!

Does anyone know where to get a Mew (English Black Star Promo, BW 98)? In addition, what is the current market value of this card? I have only seen a few listings on eBay and cannot retrieve enough data to formulate an average price. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :heart:

~ UU

It was a card seemingly not released in the US, or if so in very very low quantities and very few locations. It was somewhat easy to get in UK, Germany, Netherlands,even Singapore according to ebay etc. Maybe you could find someone who can get it for you. Good luck.

could be wrong but I swear I recall having this in one of my folders

the two i see on ebay both seem a bit expensive. they seem to be going for ~$15-$25 with a few going higher

Oh dang that’s a cool card! Hope you can get your hands on one Tara!

It was sold in a 3 booster pack blister.

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A store not so far from me sells the blisters for 9,99 euro :wink:

@poketrade(Laughs) Your comment instigates my desire to live overseas! Unfortunately, I bet your local store is exclusively regional and does not extend its sales beyond international borders (unless it has an online merchandising store). Your comment also reminded me of a second inquiry…

@ UPCCC – I have researched the acquisition rate of Mew (BW 98) and discovered it was a fairly high percentage. Do you think it would be easier to purchase a blister pack and try to obtain this particular card in that fashion? Any information, advice, and opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :blush:

I noticed they’re roughly. $30 on eBay. Dang that’s a sick mew card. You’re making me interested in getting one. If you find a good deal and there’s and extra let me know :blush:

I noticed the blister shows the card on the outside so I think each one comes with this card. If you order one overseas maybe I could order one with you and split shipping if it makes it cost effective. Let me know