I can’t believe this guy…

Trying to sell money for money!


@garyis2000 : I would buy this if I ever go to vietnam again

haha this is great

You should buy the listing and put the money in your wallet and be like “eff off, I’m a millionaire.” -walks with swags

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Have you not heard of coin and paper money collecting? :wink:

Bills in uncirculated condition with sequential serial numbers almost always appreciate nicely in value

@garyis2000 do you have any Canadian Bills in uncirculated condition with sequential serial numbers so I can throw at @cbd1235 for his Pokemon Snap Gyarados!


I sold three consecutive $50 bills in uncirculated condition from the previous bill issue for something like $250

I did okay there :grin:

Jason would love that. He’d say, “More More More”

I wish I had as many dollars as dong :wink:

If you change the $ to Dong on your ebay listing, I’ll buy all of it

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Would you be willing to pay the shipping? To Ho Chi Minh City?

“75,000,000 Vietnamese Dong”

You sick pervert.


You might have more money but I have more Dong…

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You have more dongs?

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Dong = a currency ._. i don’t know why you’re thinking so perversely.

Wow! Gary has 75 million dongs. That’s a lot if dong! :blush:

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Now my dong belongs to someone else lol.

What was the profit margin on those dong?


It’s VERY tough to get sequential in bulk and then get it out of the communist country. Fortunately, since I ran a resort there on the South China Sea I have some connections with the local officials.

If I go to the South China Sea Resort, will I get a free stay?

Actually, its the Long Hai Beach Resort 30 minutes north of Vung Tau.