Mega Metagross, or rather Megagross... Just laizyness..

It’s just one of those Pokemon you just can’t care about. Like magnemite, magneton and that silly magnezone.

So Mega stands for a couple weird spikes(most noticeably and regrettably so with Aerodactyl) or messing up characteristics(like murdering the awesome look of Blastoise)…

What’s next? Mega ditto?

Had to vent my ever continuing frustration of not seeing a Mega I actually really like.

when I was a kid I used to love it for some unknown reason lol

I want Mega espeon plz

The megas look great, save Blastoise, IMO.

Well, Mega espeon is quite a stretch. Since they have to do all the eeveelutions then. But then again, pokemon does anything to get more merch and cards out there. Why couldn’t they just bring out another set like fire red? That set was amazing. I think that a similar set, but with the 2nd gen pokemon only will appear. Yet maybe not, because they want to shove those xy’s down our gullets.

mega typhlosion please!

and when is this guy gunna be available? or is he already and I’m just late to the party… haha

Id that typhlosion is going to be like that, it will be my first like.

I prefer a lot of the fake megas above the actual ones.

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same here! a lot of great artists out there who need to be hired by pokemon! lol



hell ya! Bulk!!! lol


If that were the new mega snorlax he would be in my top 10

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Only Diancie has been revealed officially. Hoopa, Volcanion and Mega Lati@s still don’t exist as far as Nintendo is concerned.

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oo ok. Thanks :blush:

This is already being discussed in the Video Game Discussion Forum


“Like magnemite, magneton and that silly magnezone.”

You are nothing to me.

I have to agree with this.

I also like Metagross, must be one of the favourites from gen 3, especially as shiny. It’s not THAT bad looking as Mega imho. :blush:

Magnezone is one of the worst pokemon ever. It’s a stupid disk. No effort went into creating that one.

Blastoise on the other hand is amazingly designed. It works in every way shape and form. Mega blastoise made me cry.

Magnezone is certainly not one of the best designed Pokemon, but it is far from the worst. It gets too much hate.
The only truly terrible Gen 4 ‘newvolution’ is Electivire.

On the whole I am not a big fan of Mega Evolution, I dislike more of the Mega designs than ones I like, and it has more or less made it impossible for older single or 1 stage Pokemon to get new evolutions. As far as an in game mechanic goes it really hasn’t changed much, in the meta it has, but not ingame.

But yeah, this discussion should probably move to the ORAS thread.