New Pokemon that are like the old ones?

I admit that i’m not really into the new generations of Pokemon and the original 151 were the ones that I thought had the best designs and characters. I find a lot of the new Pokemon try to look too futuristic and cool - i’m guessing there must be some exceptions though so I was wondering what new generation Pokemon would fit into the original series without looking out of place? :blush:

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Although I do agree that as time goes on, the Pokemon get worse and worse (especially the names!), I think you all are too harsh. There are some good Pokemon out there in the newer generations.

The Johto PokeDex is filled with tons of great Pokemon first of all.

Hoenn was slightly above average, with a few personal favorites of mine being Plusle, Minun, Whiscash, Absol, Metagross, and pretty much all the legendaries. Although I may have a slight bias as I really started getting into Pokemon in the Hoenn era :stuck_out_tongue:

Sinnoh was pretty weak. This is where I first started seeing Pokemon going downhill.
There were only a few I liked, which I can name all of right now: such as Piplup (it’s a penguin!!!), Bidoof (it’s so stupid that I have to like it), Luxray, Buizel/Floatzel, Lucario, and Darkai.

I have practically ignored Unova, with the only Pokemon I’ve bothered to remember, and for bad reasons at that, being Tepig (it’s a Pig Pokemon whose name is just The Pig - AMAZING), Pidove (again with the extremely creative names - Pigeon + Dove = Pidove, the bird Pokemon. HOW DO THEY DO THIS!?!), Trubbish (it’s a fricken bag of trash), and Cottonee (it’s a ball of cotton… PURE GENIUS).

I definitely like the 2nd generation too. Lugia and Hooh are amazing legendaries. I also am quite fond of the cards of that generation which was the neo series. Some of the best artwork are from those sets.

Agreed. I love the Neo Series art and the Expedition art.

I think that each generation has its pros and cons.

Whenever people argue that the new Pokemon are “unoriginal” or “boring”, I remind them of Pokemon such as Grimer/Muk, Magnemite/Magneton, and Diglett/Dugtrio. Some of the features in the new games are amazing, the graphics have greatly improved, and theres a ton to do in them. I love Wi-Fi battling and trading. You said that the new names are uncreative, but what about Horsea, Ponyta, and Seel? Those are pretty bland too.

I think one of the only major downfalls to the new Pokemon are the names, some of them are god-awful. I also think that Unova is a terrible region. It’s way too linear. However, I did find Sinnoh very nice, with the exception of the massive mountain. And yes, some Pokemon are very, VERY odd, and I don’t like them *cough*Cryogonal*cough*. However, there are also some very cool ones, such as Gigalith and Scolipede,

My point is that you shouldn’t say that “all new games suck” because a few bad Pokemon; even gen 1 had some pretty sucky Pokemon.

well first 2 generations had some great pokemon and legendary wise it was pretty good.3rd generation had some nice looking ones and some were abit ok…next.shinnoh just went wierd with most of the new ones being evolutions of older generations.unova pokemon were ok but now we have pokemon that are from food and random items lol

Although Kanto and Johto are the two best Generations for me personally, I like Pokemon from each Generation… actually, I enjoyed the Unova Pokemon as a group more than the Hoenn or Sinnoh ones, lol. And XY is on a good track so far, as long as that hideous Mewtwo form isn’t real, because I like the starters and Sylpheon. :heart_eyes:

What about Magnemite, Magneton, Muk, Grimer, Diglett and Dugtrio? Those are all pretty pisspoor too.

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I respectfully disagree. They were awesome, they were simple and good looking pokemon. Nowadays they’re overly done, just look at the starters, they went from awesome to “oh god dammit just give me a magikarp instead!” ;D

I really like the new starters. Nostalgia is the only force keeping me from liking them just as much as the old ones.

Well that new Mewtwo was real :confused:

Although that is disappointing news, the battle style for X and Y looks great. Reminds me of N64 Pokemon Stadium :grin:

they were easy to deal with and were overshadowed most of the time anyways they didnt go WTF is this half the time.while now when you ask for the newer guys you will get the omg wtf reaction compared to back in the days.

Digglet, Dugtrio, Muk, Grimer all make sense in the game and where they are located. The only Gen 1 pokemon that really really confused me was Exeggcute like mean 6 ransom eggs and one with an exposed head

The pokemon names in the first generation were equally awful as they are now… :stuck_out_tongue:

The funny thing is that since that generation was prime for Pokemon and we were mostly all kids during that generation, we don’t look at it quite the same. Nostalgia takes over and tells us that everything was amazing back then. And some of the stupid names seem so normal to us because they’ve been engraved into us for like 15 years.

Put on your blinders for a second… If they came up with the names Slowpoke, Lickitung, Horsea, StarYOU, StarME, Koffing etc. nowadays for the first time ever, there would be the same outcry that pokemon names suck now and they’re nothing like the good old days. :stuck_out_tongue: Funny how the names and the way they make them haven’t changed much. It’s just the perception of them that changes.

I agree…

…but Trubbish and Garbodor are still awful.

I gotta say though i’m not just talking about names…i’m talking about the actual designs of the Pokemon…I agree with the posts earlier about Generation II having some great Pokemon, but from then on there have been no real ‘iconic’ designs such as Pikachu etc.

The only reason Pikachu is iconic is because Pokemon wanted it to be. If they wanted Geodude to be iconic then they would have made that one Ash’s companion. It has nothing to do with the design.

Clefairy is pretty cool i guess but nostalgia has me thinking no Pokemon could have ever been Pikachu