Mega Flygon

I know a lot of you were upset that good ol’ Salamence got a Mega but Flygon did not.
According to Ken Sugimori in a Nintendo Dream interview, they just couldn’t find a good design for Mega Flygon and as such they didn’t make one.

I woke up to this tweet. (link).

Pokebeach has a short translation from the article pertaining to the M-Flygon - (link).

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Saw that earlier. Saying they had creative block for a design is totally fine, but it’s a bit laughable when you consider designs like M-Sharpedo were considered creative enough.

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@milhouse Mega Slowbro. 'nuff said.

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Fake but I thought this fan design was fine:


That’s about 100x better than most fanmade fakes.

Pokemon should hold a design contest for a new mega evolution. Some of the fan designs are absolutely amazing.


Creative block? They made ice-cream pokemon, a set of keys, and a crocodile wearing sunglasses. Awful.

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I’m actually a fan of the sandile and vanillite lines.

You forgot to mention the one that looks like a Pokéball.

Nah man, he was a requisite annoyance for when you went around the Power Plant picking up items.

And what about the magic mushroom that has the same coloration as a Pokéball?

Agreed, rubbish.

Wonder how long Nintendo will keep the series running. We are going to end up with thousands of pokemon!

Like we have millions of animals in the real world?

As long as they continue to sell millions of copies. I predicted over 1000, shortly after generation II release.

2015: Pokemon Z or Pokemon X/Y2
2016: Generation 1 Remake, most likely Yellow. 20 year anniversary of Pokemon.
2017: Generation 4 remake
2018: Generation 7
2019: Generation 7 (Yellow/Crystal/Emerald/Platinum version)
2020: Generation 5 remake

2017/18 could be switched. Also by the time 2019 comes there will be 850 Pokemon and 1400 Megas.

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850 Pokemon. 1400 megas.
2000 MEGA megas

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In all seriousness, that is a release schedule that is probably not far from accurate.


Can not wait for Mega Magikarp.

@milhouse @omahanime Let’s be serious though. X/Y introduced 27, ORAS introduced 20, the next 3 games will probably see around 15 or so each. They won’t overdo it.

We could also see something completely new in Gen 7. We got Hidden Abilities in gen 5, Megas in gen 6, Delta Species Pokemon in Gen 7?

I am being serious, I want a mega Magikarp. It would be awesome.