Matt's Collection

Hey guys im Matt from the UK, i thought as its christmas its about time i came out of hiding and shared my ever growing collection with the community. Im interested mainly in booster packs and boxes, plus anything else rare or different. Hope you enjoy and merry christmas!

I’ve got loads of cards stored away, plenty more boxes of holos etc but they all need sorting out first. Hope to put more stuff on in the future as it arrives!


Nice buddy.
Thanks for sharing:)

Awesome collection Matt :blush:

Wow, fantastic sealed collection! Love the EX Power Keepers boxes and POP 5 packs. Gold star hype!!

I love it when people show off their collections of boosters and boxes. I’m always amazed at how people obtain vast quantities of them!

Nice collection, Matt. Thanks for sharing. :grin:

very cool!

Keep doing what you’re doing, man. Off to a wonderful start!

Hey is that you Gergely? Didnt realise you were on here :grin: Soon ill have the Natta Wake magazine on here!

Amazing collection thus far

Great to see another sealed item collector here. :blush:

Lovely collection! I can’t imagine keeping these boosters O__O Soooo tempting…

I love the variety! Keep up the great work. :blush:

Sealed items are so wonderful.

Whoa! Sweet sealed collection man! Very awesome! Loving all of the sealed products

Febuary 205 Update:
Hey guys time for an update, just another load of random stuff ive been buying. There’s even more exciting stuff to come too… :grin:

Not usually into magazines but I got this thrown in free and it just looked awesome, with a unopened Mew inside it:

I wish I could open this so badly! Maybe if I can obtain, or rather, afford another one, then I’ll open it:

The Rumble set - brought these purely for the cards they contain. I also have a complete mint set of Japanese Rumble cards. I’ll post those in a few weeks.

Hope you enjoy! Like I say, there’s a lot more to come but I’m going to stagger it over a few months.


What is that wakuwaku thing?

Great collection of sealed Pokemon products!!

To be honest I don’t have much of an idea - some things I just buy if they look cool. Any guys here able to enlighten us? Looking at the back it seems like there are 8 half decks inside it. If I open it I’ll put it on YouTube and let you know!

Yeah, the are awesome. There are some unique cards with the star pattern holo on them. I love them!

That Legend 3 box, is it unlimited?

Awesome Collection Matt :blush: