Mataro Dolls 真多呂人形 - Pokémon New Years Collection


Mataro dolls use the techniques of Kimekomi dolls (木目込み人形) which is a 280+ year old refined tradition of hand-making dolls day. [1] The process involves placing elaborate fabrics on top of a sculpted base and often depict individuals in traditional Japanese attire.

Pokémon Dolls Gallery

Starting in 2019, a series of Pokémon dolls have been produced, following the Chinese Zodiac. These items are available from the Mataro doll website but require a middleman service because they only ship domestically. Additionally, an Eevee doll is also available but is unrelated to the Zodiac series.

Zodiac series

Pikachu Miltank

Raikou Buneary



:mouse: 2020 Year of the Rat - Pikachu (ピカチュウ)

16,500 円 [2]

Pikachu doll 1 Pikachu doll 2 Pikachu doll 3 Pikachu doll 4

The traditional craftsmanship of Mataro dolls is evident in every detail. The prototype-making process for Mataro dolls is entirely manual, with no reliance on 3D printers or CAD. The craftsmen start by observing Pikachu closely. Although the craftsmen are used to making traditional Japanese dolls, it was not easy for them to express the cute roundness of Pikachu without losing its unique visual impression.

Pikachu’s yellow body was expressed in a flower-patterned Japanese doll costume, which is a unique traditional craft. After much trial and error by many craftsmen, a “cute” Pikachu was born, combining the cuteness of Pikachu with the gentle atmosphere of Mokumekomi.

:cow: 2021 Year of the Ox - Miltank (ミルタンク)

16,500 円 [3] :x: no longer available

Miltank 1 Miltank 2 Miltank 3 Miltank 4

Miltank is a Normal-type Pokémon from the Johto Region. Some people may remember it as the Pokémon of Akane [Whitney], the Gym Leader of the Johto Region. The Edo Mokumegome Doll Miltank has a very cute finish that makes you feel happy and cheerful when you look at it.

:tiger: 2022 Year of the Tiger - Raikou (ライコウ)

17,600 円 [4] :x: no longer available

Raikou 1 Raikou 2 Raikou 3 Raikou 4

“Mataro Ningyo was founded in 1919. Certified by Kamigamo Shrine, the birthplace of Mokumegome dolls, as the only legitimate traditional craftsman, the company produces Kimekomi dolls, a traditional craft that has been handed down for 280 years.

Mataro Ningyo has been actively commercializing its work with popular artworks in order to “make traditional crafts easily enjoyable in everyday life”: in 2019, the company produced Kimekomi of Pikachu and in 2020, Miltank, which attracted a great deal of attention. This year, we took on the challenge of expressing Raikou from Pocket Monsters as a Kimekomi doll.

Raikou is a Pokémon characterized by its “ability to produce lightning at any time because it carries a rain cloud on its back.” The Edo Mokumegome Doll Raikou has a plump, rounded form, which is typical of Kimekomi dolls. On top of this, the doll also expresses Raikou’s features such as the body pattern, facial details, the rain cloud on its back and the jagged tail. These details were made by hand by craftsmen who made grooves in the base of and then cloth piece by piece, showing the high level of skill of traditional crafts.

‘I want them to be displayed as New Year’s decorations.’ We want them to be displayed throughout the year 2022.” The Raikou doll was chosen as the third in the Pokémon Kimekomi Doll series with this in mind.

The Kimekomi Doll Raikou, produced using traditional techniques that have been handed down for 280 years since the Genbun era of the Edo period, is a great opportunity for more people to experience traditional crafts.

:rabbit: 2023 Year of the Rabbit - Buneary (ミミロル)

17,600 円 [5]

Buneary 1 Buneary 2 Buneary 3 Buneary 4

Mataro Ningyo has been actively commercializing its traditional crafts with various artworks in order to “make it easy for people to enjoy traditional crafts in their daily lives”. In 2019, the company produced Kimekomi dolls of Pikachu, Miltank in 2020 and Raikou in 2021, which attracted a great deal of attention. This year, the challenge was to create an Kimekomi doll of Buneary from Pokémon.

In creating the Edo Mokumegome doll Buneary, we struggled to reproduce the volume of the fluffy body hair on the tips of the ears and around the waist, as well as the detailed details such as the eyebrows, eyes and nose, but thanks to the advanced skills of our skilled craftsmen, we have created a cute Buneary that will bring a smile to anyone who sees it.

The Kimekomi Buneary Dolls are designed to be displayed as New Year’s decorations. We want them to be displayed throughout the year 2023. This is the idea behind the Buneary.

We hope that the Kimekomi Doll Buneary, produced using traditional techniques that have been handed down for 280 years since the Genbun era of the Edo period, will encourage more people to come into contact with traditional crafts.

:dragon_face: 2024 Year of the Dragon - ???


Other - Eevee

14,300 円 [6]

Eevee 1 Eevee 2 Eevee 3

Mataro Ningyo created Pikachu from Pokemon in 2019 and Miltank in 2020 using the traditional craft of Mokumekomi Ningyo, which became a big hit. This year, the challenge was to express Eevee in Kimekomi dolls.

The concept was ‘cute’ Eevee. In order to express the cuteness of Eevee without compromising his visual appearance, we scattered traditional craft techniques throughout the doll.

Eevee is a popular Pokémon among children because of its cute appearance. Mataro Ningyo, which handles Hina dolls and Sekku dolls with a wish for the growth of children with unlimited possibilities, hopes that as many children as possible will have access to these dolls.

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Unfortunately some of these are no longer being produced. The Miltank is listed as out of production. I have messaged the company, and they also said Raikou is not being produced anymore. There should be a Buneary restock eventually though.

As of now the Pikachu and Eevee still seem available


Any guesses on which pokemon will be chosen for the remaining animals?


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Wow those are incredible! I wish I knew about Raikou when it was still available…

I’d be suprised if dog and dragon were anything other than Arcanine and Dragonite.
I really hope Seviper gets year of the snake though.

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Dragon makes me think of Rayquaza for something like this

Cool article. Something very different. Year of the Dragon should hopefully have Dragonair or Dragonite. But considering mass appeal, I won’t be surprised if they go for Rayquaza.


My money is on charizord


Seviper :crossed_fingers:



Raikou came in :tiger:


These are really cool! IDK that I’ll pick any up, but I’ll keep a sharp eye.

Rapidash for Horse
Gyarados for Dragon (IDCare that it’s not actually a dragon type. haha)
Grumpig for pig