Yuka Morii's Clay Models - 2023 Mini Exhibit Official Photos (Image Heavy)

Yuka Morii has posted official pictures from her recent mini-exhibition!

2023 Mini Exhibition - From Hands to Life 2

2021 Exhibition - From Hands to Life


You know, Morii’s clay model art was always my least favourite when it was first introduced into the card arts (Neo Discovery?) but I have to have serious respect for those beautiful creations shown above. They look so good next to the cards they feature in as well.

The one card I always associate with her in my head is the Neo Discovery Quagsire. I don’t know why out of all of them but it just pops straight in there.

Wouldn’t be surprised if I start to warm to her art a bit more going forwards since it is entirely outside of the afore-discussed styles of art that can be imitated by AI (obviously it CAN be imitated on a screen, but you can still potentially hold the real thing in your hand and physically see how much skill and learning went into making such a clean finish).


Same! I used to think they were alright but now they feel so unique. It’s really cool seeing the actual model next to the cards.


How incredible would it be if TPC sold ceramic recreations of her models? I would love a Snom or Sandshrew on my shelf.


I don’t really like her cards at all but the clay model on its own looks fantastic.


She’s been putting out amazing cards since day 1 imo


Thank you for making this thread, I was thinking about putting all the pictures together myself.

I was able to visit in person in Shibuya! She had a scroll people could sign, she put the whole thing in a video



One of the greats!


Her work has truly grown on me over the years as well. It’s impressive that she’s not only an an amazing clay sculptor but also has such an eye for photography and how she can find (what I assume to be) real world locations and micro landscapes to match the Pokémon’s environment.

I too got to see this exhibit in person with a few other E4 members while in Shibuya this summer. What immediately stood out was the size of the sculptures, they were larger than I expected. I was also excited to learn that the art school where the exhibit was held was actually a school Yuka Morii had studied art at herself. Overall a very memorable experience and I’m happy to see she was excited to share them and that her Pokémon colleagues came to support her, very sweet.


Thanks for sharing! Her work is so clean, and it’s great to see the actual models. I didn’t even notice the relative size of the models until @SeasidePokemon mentioned it—they really are pretty big compared to what I thought they would be!


Same! I was immediately surprised how big they were, for some reason i had always thought they were tiny and wondered how much work all the details require :sweat_smile:


Thirded, I’ve always gotten the feeling the sculptures are much smaller than they actually are. Maybe it’s due to her photography style? There’s rarely large objects / things with a definitive scale in her pictures and I guess something about the way the sculptures are positioned makes them feel smaller.


Now that this post has been spun off into its own topic, I plan on updating it with some more information on Yuka Morii’s wonderful clay models, drawing from her own comments on specific models and her work in general.

I’ve also added the official photos from her 2021 exhibition to the first post!


The Sandshrew is pure love. Someone told me two years ago they met her at an exhibit and in conversation she allegedly said she hoped to make a Gyarados within the next few years. Really hoping that’s true though I doubt it. She seems to make mostly cute Pokemon and I figure she’ll do Magikarp before a Gyarados.

I’m in the same crowd as feeling her art was meh but I now adore it. I think it would be cool if her and Asako Ito did a full art or integrated piece.


its pretty amazing that she still has all of the models. i can only imagine how much that collection would go for. hopefully it goes to a museum if she ever decides to part with them (unless TPC owns them now)

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If I recall correctly, they are Pokémon Company property owned and stored by the Pokémon Company.


i could see that

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Dang, I just assumed the images on these cards were CGI. That’s great, thanks for sharing!


Amazing thread. I love seeing a lot of her older models still in pristine condition. The Ursaring is awesome and I would love to see it repurposed into a modern AR. I mean I would love to see her do reprints, but I also want to see her do more new Pokemon. I am excited for more cards from her. Her cards are always a treat to collect upon the release of each new set.

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First, thank you for sharing this!! :smile_cat:

I’m diligently working on a full set of Yuka Morii cards as part of my collection. I absolutely adore the art, but I really didn’t think about her actually molding the clay figures & then photographing them!

Anyone know if there’s a site with a comprehensive collection of images for every model (with the card) Yuka’s done? I currently use Serebii or bulbapedia screenshots to keep track of all the cards I have or need - including the variants (1st edition/Unlimited, Holo/Reverse Holo/Normal, English/Japanese, Promos, etc.) It would be so much cooler to use images like the ones here!! :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart:

I’d LOVE to see Riolu and/or Lucario! And, of course, more SIR/Alt arts from her (in addition to the Aipom one in Paradox Rift!) :crossed_fingers:t3: